Submitted by Mike on 2/14/1999. ( )

Can anyone tell me how to tell when my cape has neutralized properly. I am using saftee acid.
Thanks, Mike

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Less than neutral..

This response submitted by Dean on 2/14/1999. ( )

Mike ,I 've always neutralized my capes for about 15-20 minutes, rinsed,spun then tanned them with very good results. Ive been told that tans such as Liqua Tan adhere to the skin better at a PH of about 4.5- 4.8.However Ive never tested the PH of the neutralized bath while my skins were in it.Bruce Rittel would be the man to get a straight answer from as far as exact neutralizing techniques,I just gave a method which has worked for me

You really can't tell by appearances!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/14/1999. ( )

Its almost impossible to tell if the skin is neutralized. However, usually for Lutan F or Alum, I've always neutralized for 10-20 minutes. They prefer a slightly acid skin. For EZ-100 I neutralize for 20-30 minutes, since it prefers a skin slightly higher than a 4.0 Ph. About a 4.5-5.0 would be ideal. However, the center of the flesh will still be more acidic than the outer layers. Unlike us, for leather where the hair is removed, they neutralize thoroughly for an hour or longer. They dont worry about mushing the epidermis. For us however, it must be shorter, or the epidermis takes a beating. I've heard some guys say they neutralize the skin until the bubbles stop! DON'T go by that! Go by the instructions for that particular tan. You will not completely neutralize the skin all the way through, but keeping it within the recommended limits will prepare the skin so it tans properly. Maybe it would help if you explain how you intend to tan it?


This response submitted by Chuck on 2/16/1999. ( )

Thanks Bruce and Dean. I am using liqua-tan. Don,t know if that would change the neutralization time that you mentioned.

Kwik-n-eze Not liqua-tan

This response submitted by Chuck on 2/16/1999. ( )

I am using kwik-n-eze tan not liqua-tan. Sorry.

Only if...........

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/16/1999. ( )

If the paint-on product you use is a Phenolic base similiar to our KWIK-N-EZE, then I would neutralize for 20-30 minutes. But - its best to ask the maker. They may have their own suggestions.


This response submitted by MARK on 2/24/1999. ( )

sorry, i havent replied till now, but yes Liqua Tan will work just fine all
that you need to do is neutralize it up to 30 min. The best way to tell
if it is neutralized is to test the hides ph with ph paper pinched between
the flesh. ph of 4.5 to 5.this will give you a much more accurate reading.
you may call me at 303-666-9045, or e-mail me ok.

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