pickling with oxalic acid

Submitted by Doug on 1/14/1999. ( zdhp11@yellowhead.com )

I am not having much luck using oxalic acid to pickle capes.I end up with alot of slippage.Can someone enlighten me on the correct steps?

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Oxalic acid

This response submitted by Bob C on 1/15/1999. ( bobswildlife@webtv.net )

Hey Doug, Oxalic acid is a very good pickling agent. Seems to me you might be doing something wrong in the process. Make sure your skins are fleshed and salted well.I also dry my skins completly and then rehydrate.The formula for the pickle is an easy one to remember.!gal water, 1oz oxalic acid, 1lb salt.Depending on the water in your area the PH should be 1.5. Bob C

One More Thing!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/16/1999. ( rittel@ici.net )

I agree with Bob. Its a good pickle - particularly for keeping skins pickled for a long time. Its very stable. I've kept Coyote capes in an Oxalic acid pickle up to 9 months. No problems. I recently however, beat that one with a Deerskin left in a Saftee acid pickle for 11 months. Again, no problems. One more thing! Every time I've heard complaints about Oxalic acid (and others) it usually comes from guys who insist on only leaving their skins in the Pickle for less than the recommended 3 days before shaving and washing. Pulling them after only 48 hours or less, you take the chance they havent really pickled thoroughly yet. Try to avoid pulling them too soon.

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