How many at a time

Submitted by Barry on 2/15/1999. ( )

How many deer capes should I be Pickling and tanning at the same time in a stationary Vessel? Thanks for any help.

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Size matters....

This response submitted by Mick on 2/16/1999. ( )

The size of your vessel matters (just don't tell my wife that least I be faced with 12 yrs of telling her "size dosn't matter" shot down the tubes). Seriously, the important issue is to not crowd your skins so much that a great deal of folds and crevises are created, where the pickle may have a difficult time penetrating. Though I no longer do my own tanning, when I was, I used 18 gallon totes, with 3 whitetail capes per tote. The totes are cheap enough to pick up, so that you can have as many hides going as your multi tote setup will allow.
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Another way........

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/16/1999. ( )

A method thats pretty accurate for fur, hair or wool-on skins is to weigh them wet drained, after you've rehydrated them, and figure 2 Quarts of solution to every 1 Lb. of wet drained skin weight. So, for a 8 Lb. cape, allow 4 Gls. of Water, and you should be right on! I hope this helps! Happy Tanning!

Thanks for the help!!!!

This response submitted by Barry on 2/16/1999. ( )

Mick Your right if your wife hears that 12 years gone!!!! Thanks for your answers they will Help.

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