E-mail personal questions to Knoblochs

Submitted by Mark Daniels on 2/23/1999. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

If you have any questions that you need answered, or want
to personally e-mail me with out it being on the forum you may.
Also if you need a Knoblochs catalog you can psss that information on
as well by E-mail or phone at 303-666-9045.

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mark,keep up the good work.

This response submitted by patrick heinemann,heinemann,taxidermy&tannery on 2/23/1999. ( p.heinemann@cbpu.com )

mark thanks for all your help.
talk to you later,see ya at the world show.
thanks ,pat.

Liqua-tan question

This response submitted by Dave B. on 2/23/1999. ( dbart@osagecon.missouri.org )

Hey Mark, I just have a quick question, I have used liqua-tan for
about 6 years , I try other things but always seem to go back, good
product. My question is in the catalog it says liqua-tan will not wash
out, does this mean after the skin has been dried, and you are
rehidrating it. I sometimes tan a hide, rub liqua-tan on it, let sit over
night on counter covered in plastic, then next day I wash it water
to get oil off the hair, this doesnt effect the oil any does it.
Thanks Dave.

Liqua Tan answer

This response submitted by Knoblochs on 3/1/1999. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

Hi Dave,
First i would like to thank you for using Knoblochs
products and allowing us to serve you better.
To answer your question no the liqua tan will not wash
out but i would allow it to dry or penetrate for at least
24-48 hours befor you wash it just incase you have a thick
area and it may take longer to penetrate. When you do wash
it some of the oil you see come out is the softening or the
swabbing oil blended in. You don't always want to wash all
of the softening oil out. Thanks please call or E-mail me
if any further questions. 303-666-9045

To Tan or not to Tan

This response submitted by Bernie Boulanger on 3/30/99. ( HUNT331020 )

I've been taking taxidermy lessons from a fourth generation taxadermist, who does raw skin mounts on all his deer. Basically from what I've seen from other taxidermists is they tan their hides. Other than spending lots of money on tanning products what are the pro's and con's of raw skin mounts?

Reconstituting factory tanned capes

This response submitted by Jon Huebert on 6/5/99. ( Jonhtruck@aol.com )

Whats the best way to get a cape wet for mounting after its been dry tanned ? and thanks for all the information available on your forum.

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