smell of gasoline

Submitted by Wanda on 2/17/1999. ( )

Received bear hide from tannery and it has strong smell of gasoline. So strong, when hide was in freezer you could smell it. This was supposed to be a wet tan. One ear is damaged and several small holes in hide. Should the hide smell like gasoline or have flesh remaining on the hide?

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This response submitted by perry on 2/17/1999. ( )

I have never had a bear come back smelling like gasoline. I have never
used wet tans either ( not that their a bad thing), my freezer space is
limited. as for the small holes, if you can easily sew them, I wouldn't
get too bent out of shape. Shavers have a bad day once and a while too.
as for the ear damage, was it slippage or cuts. Here in pa, our ears
usually end up with holes because the hunter has to attach his tag to
the ear, and then the game commission attaches a band through the ear
at the check station. You say your bear still had flesh on it, Did you
flesh the bear before sending it to the tannery? if you fleshed it clean,
and the bear you got back has flesh on it, it may not be your bear( they
do get mixed up on occasion). The only way to tell if it is your bear would be
distiguishing marks like a white blaze, or your OWN punch marks identifying the
bear. I have had capes and such returned to me that were not mine. I
could tell because I punch each hide with a unique number. when that happens, I
call the tannery and tell them. It usually takes less than a day to find
my lost cape. the most common cause is transposing of order numbers. There is
a lot you can do to ensure the quality of your skins when using a commerical tannery.
I assume you did your part, I would contact the tannery and ask them
what's up. have all the information ready. If they are reputable, they'll make
things right.

Bear With Bad Gas?????

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 2/17/1999. ( )

Wanda, Perry pretty much told you the way it is. We do use a solvent in the drumming process, but most use odorless mineral spirits, or some other more highly refined product. Gas is cheap, and will cut the oil, but it also leaves an oily residue, takes a long time to evaporate, and is extremely dangerous. I would suggest you ask the tannery if they did use gas, and if so, is that what they use all the time. I have a hard time thinking of anything that they could have used that would even smell close to gas. As far as the flesh left on the bear goes, there's a lot of "wanna be's" out there. Not all of them are beginners, some are established fur dressers who have been garment tanning for decades. With the fur dressing business moving over seas, cheaper labor and no yearly strike by the union, some of these have decided to tan for taxidermy too. Boy they do a beautiful job on the body skin and leather finish, but the detail work that a taxidermist needs done is completely ignored. Talk to your tanner, and if you don't feel comfortable with them then I'd look elsewhere for someone to do your work. Keith

smelly bear

This response submitted by Wanda on 2/17/1999. ( )

Thanks for your quick response to my concerns Perry and Keith. My husband and I are working on getting the answers

Be sure to keep us posted

This response submitted by perry on 2/18/1999. ( )

we all want to hear how you make out with the tannery.

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