Tanning Schools - Help?

Submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/18/1999. ( rittel@ici.net )

In an upcoming article for Breakthrough, I'm going to be talking about Training. If you offer a course in Tanning - This is a great opportunity to advertise your Tanning School for free. I'm going to list the various Schools available, and if any of you offer such training - Please notify me, along with your address, phone #, and any other information you feel may be of interest to potential students. Many Thanks.

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This response submitted by tony on 3/10/1999. ( fandt47@aol.com )

Bruce just a little thanks for the seminar, at the convention, you may have turned me around to ez100. i am going to try the product i purchesd at show, if i have any problems hope you can help. thanks again tony.

New Method Tanning

This response submitted by Debby on 5/5/99. ( )

Looking for New Method Tanning in Calif.

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