are they the same?

Submitted by Clayton on 1/18/1999. ( )

I was just wondering if Borax and the preservative they sell,(such as Bess Maid) are the same thing? Or do the presevatives have somthing else in them? I dont want to start somthing about tanning vs. powder, I am just curious what the difference is.
Thanks, Clayton

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I think...

This response submitted by Bill on 1/19/1999. ( )

...that dp has salt in it too. I know theres more, some kind of astringent, but it escapes me now, you trouble maker, you! Ha ha. So, when are ya coming up? And did you get the pic yet?

No Way

This response submitted by Bob C on 1/19/1999. ( )

Hey Clayton, Borax , I'm sure is a main ingredient in dry preservative,but it also has some other chemicals in it. Some of them contain boric acid and one I know even contains pepper. Bob C

Hey Bill

This response submitted by Bob C on 1/19/1999. ( ******** )

How did you get that post in before me??? It wasn't there when I read Clayton question.


This response submitted by Clayton on 1/19/1999. ( )

Thanks guys for the info. MR. YOX, no I didnt get the picture yet. Thank you for sending me one, I will let you know when I do recieve it. MR. COUGHLIN, What the heck does pepper do to help preserve? Talk to yall later. Clayton

Who Knows!!

This response submitted by Bob C on 1/20/1999. ( )

Clayton, Didn't we go through this before? Please dont call me Mr. I feel old enough as it is.Bob is just fine, though I do appreciate the respect. As far as the pepper goes, someone probably thinks it may deter bugs.Who knows they may be right. BOB C

thats the point!!!

This response submitted by Bill on 1/20/1999. ( )

they might as well put ketchup(catsup) and mustard in it too, the stuff doesnt do anything more then flint dry a skin. Yes, I will admit I've seen some nicely mounted heads with it, but not because of it. Just think how nice they would do with real tanning. I can understand their point, though.

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