??zinc sulphate??

Submitted by Ken Bauman on 2/26/1999. ( )

In fish preserving formulas, what is the function/purpose of zinc sulphate? How much should be used? WASCO offers the product with no help or explaination. I currently use borax, baking soda, and concentrated lysol in my formula. I tried the zinc sulphate and got a tremendous amount of shrinking and the skin was harder to work with.

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This response submitted by Mark on 2/26/1999. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

Ken if you need to tan fish you can use LIQUA CURE which is
made by KNOBLOCHS but you can buy it from WASCO or one of our
other dealers. If your interested in a different way of
tanning a skin. With this product you can even reuse the
tan, at least once or twice. You may reuse more but
you have to be careful not to get bacteria started and besides
it will get dirty.

Hey Ken

This response submitted by Bob C on 2/28/1999. ( bobswildlife@webtv.net )

Ken , The zinc sulphate s a tanning compound. You can also tan animal hides with it, though I not sure how well it works. I've mounted fish that were tanned with zinc sulphate and they mount up quit nicely. You get very good color retention and you can keep the skins in the tan for extended periods with no ill effects. I wish I could help you on the formula for the tan but I'm not sure what the ratios are. Hopefully someone out there will help you out on that. Bob C

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