Submitted by Steve P. on 2/26/1999. ( )

Is feed grade sodium bicarb. (21.7%), and baking soda the same thing
also, will ez-100 harden over time like lutan will.(I bought too much)

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To be honest.........

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/27/1999. ( )

Honestly, I don't know if the feed grade is the same as the Arm & Hammer stuff. I suggest comparing them. Buy a small box of A&M and put 1 oz. in a gallon, test the ph, and then mix up a gallon of water, and add the feed grade until you achieve the same ph. You should be able to achieve the same results, except if its only 21.7% - I wonder what the other 78.3% is?

As to EZ-100 hardening - put it in a plastic bag, seal it off and keep it dry. It should remain powdery. If you leave it exposed - it will draw atmospheric moisture and harden.

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