tanning a Javelina

Submitted by Pat on 1/20/1999. ( thereeds@terraworld.net )

I have a lifesize Javelina to do and was wondering if I could tan it the same way I do my deer capes? I use formic acid pickle and Rittel's Kwik-N-Eze. Or could someone suggest a better way.

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javelina tan

This response submitted by russ on 4/9/99. ( russell@forcom.net )

pat maybe a little late but i have mounted 5 or 6 javelinas useing this process salting the hide for 12 hours then fleshing then let the hide dry for about a week then put it in your pickle ph 2 to 3 for about 12 hours then neautrelize pickle to 5.0 with bakeing soda. for 30 minutes after that i degrease it with grease buster from research .rinse and wash well towel dry then liqua tan. process works well. p.s. very unique mount

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