kwik-n-eze shelf life

Submitted by Chuck on 1/20/1999. ( )

Can anyone tell me the shelf life of kwik-n-eze tanning cream? Appreciate any info.


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Is this the Chuck I think it is ???

This response submitted by Bob C on 1/21/1999. ( )

Chuck, I'm adding 1+1. (Yea guys, I can add 1 and 1 but I don't always come up with the same answer).The Chuck I'm talking about just found this site and used Kwik-n-Ez for a long time. So this must be you.Boy will I feel stpid if its not you! Anyway, Bruce Rittel could answer this.So Bruce WHERE ARE YOU???? Try giving him a call at 508-822-3821. Bob C

Wrong Chuck, but...

This response submitted by Chuck F. on 1/21/1999. ( )

Bob, wrong Chuck, but I appreciate your help.


Sorry about that!

This response submitted by Bob C on 1/21/1999. ( ******* )

Chuck , just one heck of a coincedence.And yea I do feel stupid. As far as the Kwik-n-Eze goes, Thats one thing I like about Bruce if you have any questions about his products , all you have to do is call and ask him. Bob C

I tried once!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/22/1999. ( )

I tried answering this question once before - but for some reason, it didn't go through. I've had this problem lately with the Forum. I can't blame the Forum - it might be me doing something wrong here.
Anyway - to answer your shelf-life question, there isn't a shelf-life! However - like any product, if its exposed to heat or frozen, it can be chemically broken down and may become a problem. One test is to merely shake it - it should turn milky brown. If it doesnt, then it may be questionable. Before I'd throw it away however, I'd also try warming it and again shaking it - this time, if it doesnt emulsify, I'd say its broken down and shouldnt be used. Your results may not be successful. Ageing doesnt seem to affect it at all - but avoid temperature extremes!!

Thanks Bruce

This response submitted by Chuck on 1/22/1999. ( )

Bruce, Thank you for the help. I will give it a shake and see what happens.

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