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Submitted by Don on 10/14/05 at 5:03 AM. ( )

In states that require taxidermist to be liscensed what does the test consist of, showing your work, written exam or just having a school diploma? If you have never attneded a formal school can you still be liscensed?

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This response submitted by Mr.T on 10/14/05 at 6:55 AM. ( )

Don, only one state requires testing, anybody can get a license if you're state requires it. Some states have no regulations and no license is needed. You do not need to go to a school to be licensed. You do not need to go to school to do taxidermy. But schools have their part and there are some good ones out there, with a few rotten apples in the group also. There are just as many people that are self-taught that make it to the top, and some only learn enough to do mounts for the public, and their lack of quality shows. There are many great taxidermists that will teach one on one or give weekend classes. With the amount of information available, and if you know where to look, you can learn allot without going to a school. Schools are great if you got the time to dedicate to it, but if you have a growing family and needs that have to be met by holding down a full time job, and are a self starter, then videos, books, and solo experiments are the way to go.


This response submitted by Don on 10/16/05 at 7:59 PM. ( )

Mr T; thanks for the info. There are no schools in my area and I am learning on my own through videos books etc.. In fact the taxidermist (a few not all) are very unwilling to teach I think they fear possible competition.

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