How do you make a Fleshing Board?

Submitted by Jylahna Herdebu on 11/23/05 at 9:49 PM. ( )

I am just wondering on how you make a fleshing board. The reason why I ask is because I want to tan deer hides so, I can give them to my brothers and sister for a christmas gift. My Dad and I are wondering where I can get instructions on how to make a homemade one. If you could give me a web site that would help me a lot.

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This response submitted by newbirdman on 11/24/05 at 7:29 AM. ( )

Easy , I just bought a rounded fence pole , cut it to my size and nailed a few 2 x 4 's to it to hold it up . You want to put the fence pole on an angle so that the top end touches the middle of your chest , then add the 2 x 4 's straight down and a few across for support . Now start fleshing . Rick

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This response submitted by George on 11/24/05 at 8:26 AM. ( )

There's directions on using a piece of PVC pipe that works like a dream and you never have to worry about knots, warps, or uneven surfaces. Click the orange SEARCH icon and type in "PVC Fleshing Beam".

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