Taxidermy Training In Connecticut

Submitted by Outdoor Artistry Taxidermy on 8/24/05 at 9:04 AM. ( )

Lets try this for the last time, just to see if there are any serious people on this forum, instead of people that just get on here to insult the ads you put on.

I am a Full Time Taxidermist In Connecticut, looking for serious people wanting to learn the art.

If you want to learn, please contact us, if you do not want to learn, Please keep your childish insults to yourself.

Most animal rights activists that find this sight have fake email addresses like the last person that "Bashed" my ads.
I am a "Real" person with a "Real" studio for the last 12 1/2 years.

Some people are mad because they have a job, where someone tell them what to do all day & I have a fun enjoyable job. I understand that you need to take out your frustrations, but, when it comes to Taxidermy, you are arguing with the wrong person,I learned hands on, taking classes for almost 6 years,along with bases, woodcarving & handmade mannikins. I also try all the "new" procedures, so if you think you know more than I do when it comes to mounting a specimen or fixing one, or even saving a "Spoiled" one, so it is good enough to mount when a customer doesn't take care of it...Think Again!

So, if this ad brings in anyne interested in learning a very well paying trade, then blame yourself, don't blame me.

I am only wanting to teach Taxidermy, I don't need to here people critique me, when you bring nothing else to the table.

Good Luck in whatever you decide!
Thank You!

Glen M. Barber
Master Taxidermist - (Meaning I am certified in all areas.)
202 Oak Street
416 Main Street
Winsted,CT.06098 - Website
Shop Phone - (860)738-8331
Cell - (Best way to reach me.) (860)480-5765

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Bashing Email Responses

This response submitted by Outdoor Artistry Taxidermy on 8/24/05 at 9:10 AM. ( )

By the way, I have been trying to email the guy that bashed my ad.

The email is, it keeps coming back..Undeliverable!

The problem is: He can bash ads, but then not show who he is!

That isn't fair for us serious people!

So if there is an Administrator...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Hate to say it

This response submitted by The real Dick on 8/25/05 at 10:55 AM. ( )

I looked at your site and have to say there is no way you are a Master taxidermist. It is all good to say you like to teach but you need to go back to a real school. I also went back to your old post and have to say you are the only person I see that posts about teaching and gets bashed then you come back and threaten everyone and insult the rest. You can't even tell the differance between a McKenzie and a Van Dyke deer form.
I can also say your last post when you said Dick posted to you it had the same IP as yours. Are you trying to start something or is it just a close IP
I don't know you but I do know the other guy that is refered to in that post and you sure sound like him.(yes I trained with him and all I have to show is an empty bank account he taught me nothing)On this site talk is cheap and people know who the pretenders are. and it's a shame you and he take advantage of people that don't know any better just so you can get as much money from them as possible
I'm not leaving my name because I think you are a little unstable.

Who Ever You Are

This response submitted by Glen on 8/27/05 at 9:59 PM. ( )

I had you "bashers" investigated by the site Administrator when you 1st started your crap,because your mouth runs, but you can't show who you are. So you prove you are just here trying to cause problems,although it is backfiring.

I had 11 people sign up this week.

P/S - Thanks for the converstaion, it helped spark interest in my classes.

Now, go be a "Dick" somemore, it helps!

Bashing Training

This response submitted by Glen on 8/27/05 at 10:07 PM. ( )

When someone has a legitemate question I will answer it, but when people like this ghost "Dick" makes insults, he is just out to pick a fight, instead of enjoying this site.

Did you ever ask yourselves while reading this, why he won't show who he is?

He's hiding something & causing problems & everyone that comes to talk to me or take classes knows that I don't take Bullcrap from anyone. And I'm not taking it from a "Dick" like him.

good luck

This response submitted by Ray on 8/28/05 at 1:38 PM. ( )

Good luck with your school. But I do agree with Dick Sorry

Training In Connecticut

This response submitted by Glen on 8/29/05 at 12:23 PM. ( )

Even negative comments are good for business. Did you ever hear the statement: Even bad publicity is "Publicity"!

Dick & Ray: I asked you what you do for a living & let me see your stuff, with no answers from either of you. You people piss me off because you comment, but you are too scared to show yourselves.

Good luck to all of you animal rights activists, you know, who you are, that wear leather shoes & complain about animals, you crack me up ....(LOL) (Dick, Ray & Countless others).

Why doesn't anyone, that agrees with Dick, post an email address?

What do you guys have to hide? Besides that your only here to piss & moan and try to cause problems!

We would like everyone else to know that the fall season for Taxidermy classes are booked solid.

We will not have any openings until late December or early January at this point.
Please call or email for a brochure, or check out the Website.

They may not like the website , but, we just opened it barely 2 weeks ago & it is the 1st time for a website for us.
We also have a small, hands on facility that make people feel comfortable to learn.

For all the negative remarks:


This response submitted by Dick on 9/17/05 at 1:44 PM. ( )

What a joke. I just went to you site you suck


This response submitted by Glen on 9/18/05 at 2:07 PM. ( )

You suck?
Come say it to my face, you piece of crap!

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