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Submitted by Ken on 2/22/06 at 8:20 PM. ( )

Another excellent weekend of training in Georgia! We ran a 3 day commercial whitetail deer program...37 hours of in your face training...had a great time and we appreciate Tommy and Clint staying with us...both did an excellent job...Clint mounted his first and Tommy his second...Good luck to both! Please check out our courses at ...go to the training page to see the latest group...The courses are all inclusive with many extras...very affordable and effectively cover many programs...we have an opening for weeklong whitetail in March...Turkey and LM Bass weekends in April. Email for additional info...Thanks...

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on the way ken

This response submitted by Paul Thompson on 2/22/06 at 9:17 PM. ( )

replacement cape on the way, you may receive it tomorrow.

Thanks Paul...

This response submitted by Ken on 2/22/06 at 9:21 PM. ( )

Recieved it today! You are the man! Ill send you an email later......I think you had another you were willing to part with...By the way...anyone who gets to do business with Paul...I had a great experience...he is a very honest great american!

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