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Submitted by zewing on 6/14/06 at 9:56 PM. ( )

Needed full time office manager,taxidermist, shop helper and apprentice positions available, experience, no experience dont matter we need help. Full time and part time. we do game heads, life size, birds, fish, reptiles, tanning, skulls w/ bugs, habitats and habitat supply, wood bases and tables, fur, cape and hide dealer, taxidermy school and outfitter, wholesale and retail. High quality work only. We are a fast growing respected company located just east of denver.

Taxidermy position duties include but are not limited to, mounting and tanning of all aspects of game and pets, skulls and antler on panel mounts, habitat building and general shop help.

Shop helper duties include but not limited to, general shop help, cleaning, preping and finishing skulls and antler on panels, habitat prep and wood work, skinning, fleshing, tanning and prep work.

Office manager duties include but are not limited to, phone calls, books, ordering and inventory of supplies.

apprentice position, earn while you learn. You get a full course in taxidermy, tanning, habitats, business practice/ethics and more. the first six months you work with no pay, after that you gradully star eaning until you are full time, these duties include but are not limited to all of the above. How this works is if You go to any school to learn something You pay for it, and you need to have money saved up to live on or have a part time job besides school. So in this case you trade the cost of the training with your labor. the hours are somewhat flexable to work around other jobs You have. So, same thing as going to school but You dont pay cash. The cost of my 24 week school is $10,000.00 it includes hides, forms, tools ect. Everything except food and lodging.

Email salery requirements and experience and why you think you will be a asset to our company. must be willing to work hard and start at the bottom and work your way up. we work hard when it is needed and play even harder, many extra benifits like hunting and fishing trips and health dental and life insurance after 1 year. leave name, number and date of bith and when you can start and i will reply to everyone for further info

if you are a wholesaler please do not reply, i will not ship my work to anyone or any place, i need help here in my shop

thank you and i look forward to talking to you

If You dont like what You read than move on to the next, no need for smart ass messages.

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help wanted

This response submitted by paul on 6/15/06 at 10:09 PM. ( )

i am interested. no website. call me at 260 704 4101 anytime afternoon.thanks

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