Taxidermy Judges

World Class Taxidermy Judges

Over the years, the WTC has earned a reputation for having consistent judging, year after year. Ribbons are earned solely on the quality of the work. With this consistency comes validity; an award earned at the World Taxidermy Championshps will mean something, now, and twenty years from now. It is not impossible to win, as hundreds of competitors have demonstrated, but the judging is always of the highest calibre.

The world-class judges working at the 2017 show will be among the largest group of taxidermy judges ever assembled for a single competition. The following judging assignments have been established for the 2017 World Taxidermy Championships. Changes are possible and will be based on the actual workloads for various categories.

2017 World Taxidermy Championships Judging Administration

      Judging Chairman:
      Data Processing:
      Taxidermy Competition Operations:
      Taxidermy Competition Operations:
Wesley (Skip) Skidmore
Richard Graves
Dan and Becky Snyder
Brenda Duvall

11 Mammal & Gamehead Judges
      Wendy Christensen (Wisconsin)
      Cary Cochran (Ohio)
      Dawayne Dewey (Wyoming)
      Jack Emery (Illinios)
      Jean Roll (Michigan)
      Skip Skidmore (Utah)
      Don Stevens (Alabama)
      Jessica Stevens (Alabama)
      Phil Soucy (Montana)
      Fred Vanderburgh (New York)
      Marcus Zimmerman (Pennsylvania)

6 Bird Judges
      Cary Cochran (Turkeys)
      Tony Finazzo (California)
      Joe Kaiser (Arkansas)
      Billy Ollie (Louisiana)
      Danny Owens (Texas)
      Harvey Ziegler (Illinois)

2 Fish Judges
      Frank Kotula (Pennsylvania)
      Mike Kirkhart (Florida)

2 Reptile Judges
      Matthew Zimmerman (Pennsylvania)
      Skip Skidmore (Utah)

3 Akeley Award Judges
      Ken Edwards (Georgia)
      Jeff Mourning (Colorado)
      One additional judge to be selected.

3 Collective Artists Judges
      Jeff Mourning (Colorado)
      Two more judges to be selected later depending upon which judges may be competing in this category.

5 Interpretive Taxidermy Judges
      Kathy Blomquist (Louisiana)
      Ken Edwards (Georgia)
      Danny Owens (Texas)
      Jeff Mourning (Colorado)
      Wendy Christensen (Wisconsin)

2 Novice Judges
      Don Stevens (Alabama)
      Jessica Stevens (Alabama)

Master Division Judging Procedure

For 2017, each entry in the Master Division will be independently scored by two judges and the scores averaged together. Once first places are determined in the subcategories, a competition supervisor will gather all category judges (five for most categories) to vote for eligible entries for Best in World titles. They will each cast a secret ballot for Best in World. The judges will be allowed to discuss and confer about the eligible entries before casting their ballots. If two entries receive equal votes the judges will be asked to vote again on those two entries only. The results will be kept secret and announced at the World Show awards banquet.

Competitors vying for the Best in World titles should pay very close attention to the subcategories. Some of the subcategories will be heavily competed in, while others may only have one or two entries. Remember — to win a Best in World title you must first have a First Place ribbon in a subcategory. You may want to consider competing in several of the subcategories to increase your chances of being considered in that final decision.

Each Collective Artists entry will be judged by three judges from the judge list of that species category. After placements are determined in each category all taxidermy judges will evaluate the eligible entries for Best in World Collective Artist and cast individual secret ballots. Since this is one of only two divisions in which judges can compete, any judge competing in this division will not be eligible to judge in this division, nor cast a vote for Best in World (in that division).