Mounted Specimens
From time to time, Jan Van Hoesen makes available some existing taxidermy mounts from her personal collection for sale. Check this section on a regular basis to see what is currently available.

Contact Jan Van Hoesen for more information.

SPECIES Description Number
of Photos
Badger Close-ups of eye, nose, mouth 24 27.95
Bobcat A Body attitudes and Poses 22 27.95
Bobcat B Close-ups of eyes, open mouths 22 27.95
Coyote A Body Attitudes and Poses 22 27.95
Coyote B Facial close-ups and open mouths 22 27.95
Gray Fox Body poses and facial close-ups 22 27.95
Red Fox Inclues red, blue and Arctic phases 22 27.95
Lynx Body poses and facial close-ups 22 27.95
Raccoon Body poses and facial close-ups 22 27.95
Wolverine Head, body and open-mouth shots 18 27.95

Small Mammal Earliners
Jan Van Hoesen offers the most accurate and detailed earliners on the market. These earliners are available from Jan Van Hoesen, as well as WASCO and McKenzie.They are exact reproductions of the ear cartilage, cast in rigid urethane with deep inner-ear detail for competition or high-end commercial work. These earliners do not include earbutt muscles, so the ears may be mounted in any position desired.

Bobcat 15.95 per pair
Whitetail Fawn 15.95 per pair
Coyote Large 15.95 per pair
Coyote Small 15.95 per pair
Coyote Ears Back 15.95 per pair
Red Fox 15.95 per pair
Gray Fox 15.95 per pair
Javelina 15.95 per pair
Mountain Lion 18.95 per pair
Raccoon 15.95 per pair
Wolf 18.95 per pair

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