Jan Van Hoesen offers personalized one-on-one lessons in her Michigan studio. These workshops in mammal taxidermy are tailor made according to the needs and abilities of the student. Jan genuinely loves sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for excellence.

For beginners, a three week period will offer a good foundation in mammal taxidermy. This will include the mounting of at two to three lifesize mammals, start to finish.

If a student wishes to learn carcass casting techniques only, this can be accomplished easily in four or five days.

For accomplished taxidermists who want to get that "special edge" in taxidermy, a one or two week intensive training period is suggested. This will include putting together a competition piece which will have that winning difference. If a student's time is limited to a specific number of days, a course can be arranged to accomplish the most to fit the time period.

For mammal taxidermy, the following areas will be emphasized:

 1. Planning ahead for proper skinning
 2. How to take proper measurements
 3. Death mask making
 4. Skinning, fleshing, and home tanning
 5. Altering mannikins
 6. How to tell a good mannikin
 7. Making the most of flat, 3-D, and live references
 8. Proper eye and ear set, and nose work
 9. Casting and making of one's own mannikins
10. Finishing techniques
11. How to make your mammal work come alive

Any free or extra time can be spent in the pens with Jan's live animals. She has two raccoons, a red fox, one coyote, a bobcat, and a lynx. Students are encouraged to bring their cameras for making photo references.

Jan normally will take only one student at a time and the price is $300 per day. Room and board are included in this price. Tools and most supplies will be available at no extra charge. The student will be expected to pay for any major supplies such as mannikins and mammal specimens. Jan can arrange for students to buy mammal specimens from local hunters or game farms if desired and the student lets her know ahead of time.

Jan Van Hoesen's studio is located in northeastern lower Michigan, five miles from Lake Huron. Her studio and home is on a state highway and can be easily found if you are driving. If you prefer to fly, Jan would pick you up at one or the other of the nearest airports, either Alpena or Pellston.

When setting a date, a $100 non refundable deposit is required. The remainder must be paid in advance of the days actually spent. Any days not used will be refunded. For further information, contact the Van Hoesen Taxidermy Studio.

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