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Georgia Taxidermist Association
Summer '98 Convention & Competition
June 25 - 27, 1998
Days Inn Convention Center
(formerly Deer Acres)
Monroe, Georgia
(40 miles east of Atlanta on U.S. Highway 78 and State Highway 11)

Sponsored by
WASCO -- Wildlife Artist Supply Company

A Fantastic Seminar Lineup:
     Larry Blomquist
      Rick Carter
       Sallie Dahmes
        Henry Ford
         Mike Noonkester
          Ed Thompson

Outstanding Judges:
     Larry Blomquist (Whitetails)
      Rick Carter (Gameheads)
       Henry Ford (Fish, Mammals)
        Bill Paulus (Reptiles)
         Ed Thompson (Birds)

Free Barbecue Banquet sponsored by WASCO

Special Live Whitetail Seminar
Inside the WASCO Research Deer Pen with Sallie Dahmes

Pre-register NOW for a chance at reserving your spot in the Sallie Dahmes live whitetail reference seminar. All pre-registrants will be eligible for a drawing in which 21 spots will be reserved to attend one of three unforgettable seminars. Sallie Dahmes and seven pre-registrants will go inside the WASCO research deer pen for a hands-on reference seminar with Forrest and Jenny, WASCO's two tame whitetail deer. Sallie will take you on a tour of what taxidermists can learn from live specimens as the lucky seminar participants will get up close and personal with these extraordinary animals. Go ahead and touch them, open their mouths, feel their earbutts. Bring your cameras and camcorders for the most you will ever learn about whitetails in two hours. Sallie will be conducting three separate seminars limited to seven participants in each one. Only 21 GTA members will be able to attend the live deer seminars, based upon a random drawing of names from the convention pre-registrants. So register soon, and be sure to indicate if you would like to be entered in the special drawing for this fantastic seminar!

Contact Ronnie Bulloch at (706) 846-2285
or e-mail the GTA at: [email protected]

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