How To: Add Turn To a Form-Part 2

A while back I wrote about adding more turn to a form.  In that specific case we wanted my wife’s Mule Deer looking our way as we came into the room where it was to hang in a particular “spot”. The idea was to customize the form for the situation. Perhaps you might have a customer with a similar problem.  Only one place on his trophy room wall to put a certain head, except he wants it looking at him when he sits on his couch…  could be any kind of scenario, but to accommodate this you would need to alter the form.  For our particular deer I decided to lean the neck from the shoulders rather than alter further up the neck.  You can go back and see the entire process by going to “Categories”, then “Taxidermy” on the side bar and scroll down to “How To: Add Turn To A  Form – Part 1”.

As a reminder, the photo below shows the view of the form from the doorway before alterations:

Nothing wrong with this, we just wanted it looking towards the door.  And below then, is the altered form showing the “new” look from the doorway:

The only thing missing from the first post was the mounted deer on this “custom” form.  So, as Part 2, the following is a look at the finished head as it currently hangs on the wall…

Remember that being able to custom fit a mount to a trophy room or house wall,  makes you extremely valuable to your customer!




  1. Mark Kronyak

    Very nice…. congratulations Connie!!
    Was that a Smith ranch buck from ( forever ago) ?

    1. Dennis Behn

      It is Mark!! Not sure what year but as you say forever ago!

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