69F7324R The Barry Wensel Buck

Every deer hunt has its’ story and some stories are simply more interesting than others. The story of a deer named Hurley is truly an amazing one when you consider it lasted over a period of 6 long years!  The buck was killed by bowhunter extraordinaire Barry Wensel in Iowa on Nov 1, 2011. The saga began with his first sighting of the buck way back in 2006.  And he actually missed the deer in Oct 2009!  No hunter was able to tag the buck, however, until Barry’s fateful arrow on that day in 2011. By the way, Hurley gross scored 190 1/8 inches!  For more information on Barry and Gene Wensel,  check out www.brothersofthebow.com.


I was thrilled to hear of Barry’s success. That same fall I had been working on a new line of floor pedestal forms, sculptured   with the same basic anatomy as the previous years 6900 Series whitetails.  We determined the new floor pedestal would be perfect for Hurley, and I obtained the cape and the antlers for the mount. The following photos show the completed mount from a number of different views:

WenselBuck69F7324R-100 WenselBuck69F7324R-101 WenselBuck69F7324R-102 WenselBuck69F7324R-103 WenselBuck69F7324R-104 WenselBuck69F7324R-105 WenselBuck69F7324R-106 WenselBuck69F7324R-107 WenselBuck69F7324R-108 WenselBuck69F7324R-109







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