Welcome to Artistic Explorations

Welcome to Artistic Explorations with Dennis Behn. This blog will look at the world of taxidermy from the viewpoint of a sculptor, including these subjects:

McKenzie 6900 Series

McKenzie 6900 Series


  • How to get the most out of McKenzie  forms
  • Mounting tips
  • Creating custom mounts/ form alterations
  • Photos of live animals
  • Perhaps a look back in time
  • Perhaps some hunting stories
  • Perhaps some photography tips
  • Perhaps some introspection or observation into the art of sculpture

With over 50 years in the business, Dennis is the talented sculptor behind McKenzie’s innovative and popular lines of African and North American gameheads. From the mind of one of the most respected craftsman in the industry, Artistic Explorations will provide unique insights into taxidermy, sculpting and hunting.




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  1. John Janelli

    Few people know that Dennis is among the most accomplished sculptor / taxidermists of our industry today. His innovations and designs in the art of taxidermy are nothing short of amazing! It was ‘Denny’ who coined the phrase “Signature Series” for one of the finest line of forms that continue to lead the our profession light years ahead of its time, through McKenzie Supply Company. One of those early series was an open mouth elk shoulder form complete with jaw set molded into the form itself, manufactured by (Denver) Jonas Bros. back in 1981. Moreover, it was for his most dynamic open mouth Big Horn ram manikin sculpture that won Denny the very first Coleman Jonas Award that actually probed the very edges of conventional modeling!
    Perhaps it was the 2015 WTC Life Time Achievement Award recipient, Mr. Joe Kish who said it best when he wrote in TR magazine;
    “Denny is not just a pure sculptor who creates work for its own sake. He works with an awareness of the practical needs of those who will be using his forms.”
    Thanks Denny for all you’ve done, been doing and God willing always will continue to do for our great industry!

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