From Old… to New

In my first post on this Blog (see Observations/Taxidermy-An Ideal and a Pledge) I mentioned how much taxidermy manikins have improved since the world of paper forms in the pre-midseventies era. Because those forms had no pre-set anything, the taxidermist was required to model the face pretty much from scratch, on every singe mount. It was a time-consumer and certainly made symmetry much more difficult. But my encouragement was that even though forms are much better today, it does not preclude the necessity of a taxidermist’s study of anatomy, in order to produce the best mount he can on every occasion. Every deer is different and on each mount you have to be able to deal with what you have to work with. And knowing what to do about each one of the scenarios that come up, will produce a better mount, every time. Read the rest of this entry »

Taxidermy – An Ideal and a Pledge

Webster defines art as “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful and that expresses important ideas or feelings”.

Taxidermy, is an art.

An artist then is one whose “skill is acquired by experience, study, and observation”.

A taxidermist, is an artist Read the rest of this entry »

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