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  1. Penczak
    NY NC, Maine, Louisville - My Most Special Person, Emilly
  2. msestak
    winner of best all around taxidermist in PA 1993
  3. Richs Taxidermy
    Richs Taxidermy
    Rich,s Taxidermy
  4. highlander
    We are only a Vapor in the wind
  5. Kimberly DuEst
    Kimberly DuEst Texashillcountry
    I’m a new taxidermist and I am interested in your white tail capes? Do you have any left? I’m thinking I’d like two of them if I can.
  6. boarhunter67
    boarhunter67 Ken Edwards
    I’ve noticed a lot of the tips on taxidermy.net either won’t come up or if they come up there’s no pictures. Anyway to look at these with the pictures? It’s been a while since I’ve looked through them and I thought I’d look through them again. I’m talking about the tutorials and the tips of the week by RDA.
  7. Robdunn2020
    Robdunn2020 Texashillcountry
    Are they all wet tanned? I’ll take the 16” axis cape
  8. CaneCreekTaxidermy
    I haven’t been on here for quite a while. Trying to figure out how to post photos of my work…
  9. Judy Wheeler
    Judy Wheeler bob wendt
    Hi Bob, I spoke to you earlier about the coon and the prairie dog. I just wanted to let you know that the check is sent out. I'm not sure if this is how to private message your profile, as I'm new to the site but I hope you receive this message! Thanks -Judy
  10. slammer53
    slammer53 skitownguy
    If Your interested in My huge deer shoulder mount ,I take paypal or personal check ,i will ship after a check clears my bank
  11. Penczak
    Penczak Texashillcountry
    Could I get pics of the life size spring buck? Particularly the white patch on the rump.
    BTW Do you have horns?
    Send pics to 812-236-5492 Buck
    1. Texashillcountry
      Its in Freezer, I can unthaw and yes I have horns.
      Jun 4, 2022
  12. CG Infra
    CG Infra
  13. 13 point
    13 point Darren Mohler
    That’s good I’m glad you were able to sell , I just have a lot of money going out at the time , please keep me in mind for any walnut bases or pcs you build . You can even text it to me 410-977-1856 Glen , thanks again
  14. 13 point
    13 point Clew
    I left u a message on your phone I have a snake head for ya , call me at +14109771856, Glen . I sent u a pic thru text also but not sure the number I have for u gets text
    1. Clew
      Got your call we just got in bout 9
      Will call you tomorrow PM
      My cell is 803-627-2474 I will get text from there
      Bad cell service at house
      May 19, 2022
  15. Tyani
    Tyani Sea Wolf
    Hood day Sea Wolf. I was trying to answer you but only 400 characters. I there maybe an email address where I can get in contact with you.
  16. 13 point
    13 point Taxidermy T’s
    Hey I’m asking not telling , I’m not hear you argue , I’m not an admin or anything and im pm ing you instead of calling you out on the Forum , could you please post your Ts in the classified section instead of the areas were we share our work with each other . Thanks
  17. Jaronv
    Jaronv Michelle Clark
    Hello, Do you still have any peacocks?
  18. 13 point
    13 point Darren Mohler
    What’s the best you can do for that pyramid base , shipped to Md . Things a just a tad tight right now . Thanks for taking the time . Glen
  19. Dear Deer Dean
    Dear Deer Dean
    wishin I was fishin
  20. SloppyDoe
    Just a noob.