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  1. Agus sulistyo
    Agus sulistyo skullcollecter
  2. Honey the Bean
    Honey the Bean Sea Wolf
    Hello! I was told to contact you because of where we both live and because of some skull questions ^^; I have a few skulls that need to be worked on, but it’s far too cold to macerate them, so a few people suggested getting a hold of you for help... do you think we could talk, if you have the time...?
    I would very greatly appreciate it!
    Yours truly;
    1. Sea Wolf
      Sea Wolf
      A post is always a good thing because the information will always be there to help others. If you throw out the question in the Skulls section I can answer it there. No such thing as too cold to macerate if you have looked at any of my posts. If you don't want to make an open post, you can use the messaging on here which works a lot better.
      Jul 30, 2022
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  3. Alexis Anderson
    Alexis Anderson
    Looking for frozen whole peacocks , venomous snakes , wild cats and k9s
  4. Alex zeez
    Alex zeez WLELTD
    Do you have any resources on why it would be illegal to sell a legally hunted nile croc (imported from africa) in florida? Legitimate question, dont wanna break any laws, im just not seeing anything about that myself.
  5. CJMartin
    CJMartin 13 point
    i got an email from here asking me where in MD i lived but i can't find the post. i live in Brunswick, MD. Right on the Potomac where MD, VA and WV come together.
  6. TaxTheDeadLover
    Just a city girl with a Taxidermy obsession!
  7. tarponfan
    tarponfan Nhart
    Hi - I got a message that you might have a cottonmouth available for sale - could you tell me about it ? Thanks
  8. kanta King
    kanta King
  9. Caraboogrey
    Caraboogrey Ken Edwards
    Hi Ken, I bought a dead peacock from someone that posted on the site. I paid. They confirmed they received the payment & promised to send shipping information. They never shipped & haven’t responded in 2 weeks. What is the best way to report this to warn others? I have searched the member’s name & nothing comes up.
    1. Ken Edwards
      Ken Edwards
      Hi Caraboogery. I'm sorry this happened to you. We have a "Buyers and Sellers" forum category at https://www.taxidermy.net/forums/29/ where you can post about this indecent to warn others. Please let me know the member's username or email address who scammed you so I can see if they are still active on the Forum. Thanks.
      Jul 25, 2022
  10. TaxTheDeadLover
    Hey everyone! I'm looking for already tanned mountable pelts to purchase!
  11. 13 point
    13 point Texashillcountry
    I’d be interested in the Aoudad ewe cape , please let me know how we make that happen, thanks Glen 410-977-1856
  12. pheasantcreek
    pheasantcreek sterling
    Do you still deal in squirrels by chance??
  13. 13 point
    13 point buckrub10
    Anything your looking for , to maybe work out a trade ? Either even up or with money?
    TRAPPERDAVE Trapper Joe
    Joe is the fleshing machine available ?
    thx d
    hey hi Doug is the fleshing machine still available ? thx d. can you text me. at. 610-836-2695. easier for me to see it fast.
  16. juliajoe
    juliajoe Kamagra Online
  17. kanta King
    kanta King
  18. kanta King
  19. Penczak
    NY NC, Maine, Louisville
  20. msestak
    winner of best all around taxidermist in PA 1993