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  1. MaxandTank
    MaxandTank shane halstead
    Sent pictures of your Zebra cape please. Ty 1-516-779-2650
  2. canuck
    Skulls and skeleton available now
  3. cchapman
    cchapman John Brown
    John do you still have the sika?
  4. gideapackaging
    Ningbo Gidea Packaging Co.,Ltd. is a professional leader China cosmetic bottle, China manufacturer
  5. James Lanza
    James Lanza noonanado
    Bruce, I'm still on taxidermy.net James Lanza
  6. Outdoorsman199
    2 stone sheep capes for sale call me or text 1-250-983-4314
  7. MissCreepella
    MissCreepella crhine
    Recently had a perfect experience buying from Crhine, incredibly helpful and nice guy. Would do buisness with you again!
  8. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist Ron B
    Well We all have to die sooner or later.
    1. Ron B likes this.
  9. oneshot
    oneshot duckduckmoose
    I have a dry tanned 5.5 foot black bear from Alaska that I will sell for $100 plus shipping. Text me at 503 201 6810
  10. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist iceicebaby93
    Hi Emily , i don't know if you seen the listing on taxidermy.net that after 40rs. im retiring from the Museum of Science so good luck in Taxidermy
    i now you will do just fine take care and God Bless. Jim Taxidermist
    1. iceicebaby93
      I didn’t but congratulations, that’s a big step! I wish you the best!
      Aug 10, 2019
  11. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist joeym
    Thanks Joey, i will always keep in touch with you and you do the same give me a call sometime (716)-239-0825. and God Bless you and your family.
    And thanks for all your help when i needed it.
  12. invertenovel2019
    Xiangshan Tongzhou Plastic Products Co., Ltd. produces and processes various polyurethane wheels, rubber wheels, nylon wheels.
  13. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist Will85
    Hi Will, no i'm not doing taxidermy anymore i made my mind up and its time for me to let it come to an end
    this September will be 40yrs since 1980 i know you will do just fine you seem like a very smart guy. So God Bless to you and everybody
    on Taxidermy.Net
  14. Alex zeez
    Alex zeez crhine
    Hello! I was wondering if i could get pics of the raw skulls and porcupine feet. If you could email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  15. 13Crappieman
    If interested in equipment please feel to call
  16. 13Crappieman
    My #618-520-5333 also my sons
  17. WildlifeLady
    Currently still doing taxidermy
  18. automatict
    water bottle making machine
  19. tem
    tem pronghorn23
    hello todd. its tem. do any of the magazines show how to do an open mouth on a deer? thank you.
  20. taxilady308A
    taxilady308A juanperry23
    Hey...I sent you an email....Thanks Sandy