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  1. wrightwaytaxi
    wrightwaytaxi Ryan Schmitz
    I do tanning, let me know what you are looking to get done. www.taxitan.com
  2. Larry T
    Larry T Penczak
    i will try and get you a photo i have it stored in a friend barn i would like 500 its a big brown bear
    1. Penczak
      I wonder how much it would cost to ship it? Is it on all fours? Or standing tall? Has it got that big Kodial head?
      Sep 29, 2022 at 1:31 PM
  3. Cam68
    I have a full body giraffe hide I am looking to get rid of.
  4. stoneman
    stoneman Troy Garner
    Hey Troy love your bears just wanted to see if you would be interested in doing a couple for me thanks Rocky stanley 469-524-9665
  5. buckfever*
    buckfever* cyclone
    Cyclone,. Question , I'm totally against using formaldehyde , but I have not many options with this project. My ? Is can I dilute formaldehyde with denatured alcohol safely?
  6. CG Infra
    CG Infra
    Building your dream house with perfection
  7. TaxiTan
  8. adam sponsler
  9. Trevor cready
    Trevor cready Zombiegirl
    Thanks l found them and forwarded the pictures to him, l am assuming you still have them. Give me a couple of days and I will get back to you. Thanks again for your reply. Trevor.
    1. Zombiegirl
      Yes I do still have them.
      Sep 5, 2022
  10. absarokajoe
    Rawhide tannery for sale
  11. TaxiTan
  12. DoeMalone
    Looking for Mountain Goat legs/hooves
  13. 13 point
    13 point ARUsher
    And then pulling it , burying your tie off knot , now cut your thread , u now have 5 inch’s of excess tread inside in your mount in hide past helping to keep those stitches tight , hope it helps and u understand. Take care
    1. ARUsher
      Thanks again
      Aug 28, 2022
  14. 13 point
    13 point ARUsher
    2nd is and you can do this with any thread , I see ur thread hanging out till mount dries and then you cut off I’m guessing, get urself a 5-6 inch needle , after ur last stitch and you tie and cut your thread long take that long needle put thread thru the eye and go back into the same or very close last stitch hole and going between the hide and form and poking needle back out 5 inches away pulling your thread thru .
    1. ARUsher likes this.
    2. ARUsher
      Aug 28, 2022
  15. 13 point
    13 point ARUsher
    Not sure ur interested but , I see your bobcat looks good , I see the thread hanging out , going to give you 2 tips that I use . First one is I use 6lbs Berkeley fire line in gray color single strand on all my small game . It hides really good and is strong
    1. ARUsher likes this.
    2. ARUsher
      Thanks. That what I typically use too, but I didnt realize that I was about out and didn’t want to go to the store so used some floss. It worked in a pinch
      Aug 28, 2022
  16. A. Bradford
    A. Bradford finfeathr
    I can use all the help I can get dealing with this issue and maybe in some small way you will get some satisfaction out of helping. I would greatly appreciate it. Please.
  17. A. Bradford
    A. Bradford finfeathr
  18. Jaronv
    Jaronv Sonnyknight
    Do you still have sloth manakins?
  19. Agus sulistyo
    Agus sulistyo
    Sale Pongo skull
  20. A. Bradford
    A. Bradford Crook's Taxidermy
    Moyles Mink and Tannery "lost" two of our wolverine furs. Looking for other people who have had problems with Moyles loosing furs or hides. I see comments posted in various forums about Moyles damaging or loosing furs and hides but no details. Needing info. Contact me at 620-778-2225 or [email protected] if you or anyone you know has had any kind of problems with them.