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  1. Gary Nidek
    Gary Nidek jerrystaxidermyhunter
    hey jerry …. I need to do a swamp booger but not sure how. can you help please [email protected]
  2. sawmachindsa
    We will respond patiently and meticulously to any advice and feedback from our customers.
  3. sawmachindsa
    Baide specializes in the production of sheet woodworking machinery and is committed to providing a complete solution.
  4. washimachint
    Yuyao Kangpu Water Treatment Equipment Factory
  5. MaxandTank
    MaxandTank BrianL
    Please sent picture of large 50" buffalo cape. 516 779-2650
  6. oldman021450
    oldman021450 eric7791
    do you still have that dry tanned black bear
  7. Allen Bruns
  8. funnybone
  9. Becky Yant
    Becky Yant
    Hi, I am looking to see if there is a market for my late father's Animals and a ballpark value of them.
  10. Mylisa
  11. MaxandTank
    MaxandTank Hans Schabel
    Please sent pictures 516 779 2650 & how old is the hide
  12. MaxandTank
    MaxandTank Hans Schabel
    How much & where are you located?
  13. MaxandTank
    MaxandTank nambird
    Sent pictures please 516 779 2650. Ty
  14. MaxandTank
    MaxandTank jimss
    I'm interested, text me 516 779 2650
  15. charlieo
    charlieo Osceola
    Do u still have a the elk cape?
  16. drob
    drob Bill Yox
    There is constant post on this site showing a can of black shoe polish as a democratic starter kit.Pretty blatant if you ask me.the moderator of this site should do their job,
  17. Rob43
    Rob43 michael p.
    Sent you a PM
  18. Willett
    Willett eurosbyRT
    Hi, just saw an old post of yours about dermestids in a chest freezer. I have been working beetles for years in a chest freezer, but moved to Alaska and started to get moose and caribou skulls that don't fit. I've been using a kiddie pool. Can you please provide a pic of the box you made to fit on top of freezer. With more moose skulls arriving I need to find a safer path forward.
    1. eurosbyRT
      Text me at 8013620725 and I'll send you a pic of the newer one I built
      Sep 12, 2019
  19. transparentumbrella
    We can offer the price and products directly.
  20. Tashziggy29
    Can anyone identify this skull found in south of France?