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  1. LordRusty
    LordRusty Rausch
    Oh, I'm so happy to hear you got her sold! She is a beautiful Cougar!
  2. slennard
    slennard buckrub10
    Hello buckrub10 I just recieved an email that says the wolverine is still for sale. Was it you and is it legit?
  3. Lucky man
    Lucky man wvuhunter
  4. Rausch
    I understand that. The one I had sold but I’ll have more this year. Our season starts Dec 1st
  5. LordRusty
    LordRusty Rausch
    Sorry ... things are not looking good right now ...
  6. Barbara Hines
    Barbara Hines
    Have prime mounts from Africa Wyoming a dozen trophy deer heads looking to sell
  7. Borealis
  8. Borealis
    Borealis CCarlson
    try to PM you but the site will not let me do it invalided conversation title??
    1. CCarlson
      Thats odd, Ill respond to our former thread in PM to see if it will let me
      Nov 25, 2022 at 6:07 PM
  9. Barnellk
    Barnellk Saintt
    Hi, I wanted to see if you still had any orca teeth for sale? Thank you, Kyle
  10. fabrizio
    fabrizio TaxidermyAdmin
    Hi there I received an offer for a bullshark jaws but the guy who want to sell it to me, took the photo from a dinosaurcorporation.com site pretending it is a personal shark jaws. The jaws came from that site and they are not even original, they are made in polyurethane resins. What to do with scammers? here is the guy. [email protected]
  11. Nathaniel Jeffry Bickel
    Nathaniel Jeffry Bickel
    Owner/Operator at Midwest Furs located in central Illinois.
  12. Ameera rishme
    Ameera rishme
    Beginner taxidermist looking for improvement
  13. mball
    mball buckrub10
    Hi, wonder if you still have the 30" elk cape?
  14. Clementine Freyer
    Clementine Freyer trapperjeff
    Looking for some frozen critters, preferably babies or fetal
    1. trapperjeff
      None available. Wrong time of year. Spring is when you need to look for them
      Nov 8, 2022
  15. LordRusty
    LordRusty Rausch
    Hang in there ... working on it! ;)
  16. HeatherTax
    HeatherTax EMX
    Happy Birthday
    1. M Irby likes this.
    2. M Irby
      M Irby
      Thank you
      Nov 4, 2022
  17. HeatherTax
  18. Rausch
    I understand that.
    1. LordRusty likes this.
  19. LordRusty
    LordRusty Rausch
    Oh darn! I don't have cash on-hand right now ... that's why I asked about using a credit card. I'll see what I can come up with in the meantime. A couple of new heads coming in will help ... as soon as they start coming in! ;)
  20. Dusty Carney
    Dusty Carney
    Wanted RM Bighorn Lifesize and cape.