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  1. MaxandTank
    MaxandTank Ridge Runner1960
    I'm interested your squirrel 516 779-2650
    CURTBUTT1 Richard C
    CURTBUTT1 Richard C
    hi how large are the lesser kudu horns you have? Are they still available??? Thanks...God bless you.... Curt
  4. Manny81
    Manny81 lorefuma
    Ma sei italiano? Io sono nato e cresciuto in Italia. Vivo negli Stati Uniti da 20 anni.
  5. tem
    tem m
    what do you have and is it a winter cape. how much do you want for it. thank you.
  6. m
    m tem
    have one for sale
  7. tem
    tem draperdominick
    is the hair long like a november cape & do you still have it.
  8. meat
    meat eastcoastjoe
    i would like to buy your whitetail capes 10982 Please text me at 989 634 9584 Thank you!!
  9. MaxandTank
    MaxandTank tokenned
    Hi, could you please sent picture of your black squirrel. 516 779-2650
  10. meat
    meat juice55
    I would like to buy your whitetail cape. Please text me at 989 634 9584 Thanks Kevin
  11. Bob75
    Bob75 Spraylord
    I have two, one is 9" and the other is 10".
  12. wildwoodpark
    wildwoodpark Micah Howards
    Hey Micah! Is the skull of this big 165 lb. Cougar available for sale? If so, send pics, dimensions, and your asking price. Thanks a million.
    Jim Anderson
    [email protected]
    1. Micah Howards
      Micah Howards
      Hi Jim, unfortunately I do not have the skull sorry.
      Jan 22, 2020 at 11:21 AM
  13. coroner2
    coroner2 Spraylord
    what length?
    1. Spraylord
      8 inches or better. Doesn’t have to be a record breaker. This is a replacement for a mount.
      Jan 22, 2020 at 12:02 PM
  14. Jack agus
    Jack agus Jerred
    Are you intereted skull babirussa? I am have 1 pieces
  15. Jack agus
    Jack agus msestak
    Are you intereted skull babirussa? I am have 1 pieces.
  16. Deependra
    Diigital marketing
  17. rwenglish1
    rwenglish1 Skywalker
    Hi Ken I have a question what is the shampoo or shampoos you like to use to wash a bobcat after it dries in the mounting practice? rw
  18. Maxine
    Ive moved to Germany and Im struggling to find sites to order from for taxidermists.... Id apreciate any links to sites for recipes too
  19. Maxine
  20. James Lanza
    James Lanza Will85
    I have nephews and old friends that hunt too so you know how that goes . Will send me some photos of your work i would like to see some.