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  1. meat
    meat tokenned
    Interested in the baby skunks.. any pictures? 989 634 9584. Thank you!
  2. Daniel Fuller
    Daniel Fuller stoneman
    Hi do u have any mule deer cape if so please text me at 19703806049 thanks
  3. Oswalt Tanner
    Oswalt Tanner
    I tan, you tan, we all tan for ice cream.
  4. lamstaxi111
    Looking for sea ducks to mount
  5. lamstaxi111
    Looking for sea ducks to mount
  6. DRT Taxidermy
    DRT Taxidermy GulfcoastWF
    How would i go about getting a mallard drake and a canvas back red head long beak from you?
  7. EliteWhitetail
    Hello, I am a beginner or should I say learning anything and everything about Taxidermy. Due to trying to go into that field.
  8. DRT Taxidermy
    DRT Taxidermy KAMoHunter
    Hello i am fixing to do my first two ducks and was wondering if you would give me any advise on them. I am going to try wrapping my body. I see excelsior at vandykes taxidermy like 35 for 25lbs and cotton batting 9 for 5 lbs was planing on useing fishing line to wrap it with. I thought about trying to cast the head and neck just not sure. Any advise you would offer me is muchly appreciated.
  9. DRT Taxidermy
    DRT Taxidermy wildturkey58
    Hey brother you said in a post a natural head kind of guy. I am just starting to do my first two ducks. Unless i missed something i have to cut the head off and do not know of a way to actually use the original head. Is there a way to use the real head? I plan on wrapping the body because i want it to be as close to the real bird i can make. Any advise you would offer i most certainly would appreciate.
  10. Stoner
    Stoner Curtis Walker
    is the white coyote you posted available? willing to buy frozen or skinned mountable
  11. David Baumann
    David Baumann
    Hello all. I am looking for a life size black tanned cow, 2 life size skunks, three life size turkeys, 2 life size pheasants, and beaver
  12. David Baumann
    David Baumann
    Hello all. I am looking for….
  13. Hunter Danner
    Hunter Danner
    I taxied my 1st bird. I’m worried about bugs. Will they infest my house? I think I did a good job fleshing it.What to do if I have bugs?
  14. JML0119203
    JML0119203 Mark June
  15. Lucky man
    Lucky man wvuhunter
    Hi, can you tell me what state your in ? Can you call me at 716-239-0825 Jim .
  16. rickey logan
    rickey logan *
    Hey man I have a tiger shoulder mount to do I want to put a few wrinkles on top of his head where can I find reference, or do I just use bobcat pictures " since they're cats" we used to have lions and tigers...... Thanks Rick
  17. propnut
    propnut buckrub10
    Good evening, it's been one week since I requested information from you to purchase 5 squirrels. Are they still for sale?
  18. JML0119203
    JML0119203 Katzman
    Hi, have interest in your bobcat2, do you accept pay through Paypal? Please reply to [email protected], thank you( Sorry my phone is broken so can't text to your phone)
  19. Lucky man
    Lucky man Nizhoni Creek
    Hi, I'm a taxidermist do you have any wood ducks that are mounted
    i would like to buy one ?
  20. NOAH@aarrkk
    [email protected] Rick Krane
    Rick, again in 2023 you are due a huge THANK YOU for another display of your generosity and desire to raise the bar on fish mounts being produced. Though I probably will never have a musky to finish, as you say, it's a system and not a paint schedule. The techniques you present can be applied to any fish.
    Again, THANK YOU and may God shower blessings on you throughout 2023.
    Jerry Howard