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  1. meat
    meat kojak
    Go you have any live mandarin hens for sale. You can text me at 989 634 9584 Thank you
  2. Proxylwia
  3. desertbull
    desertbull Joe Soucie
    Hi Joe.
    What fish of Ron's did you have?
  4. Joe Smith
  5. Joe Smith
    Joe Smith trapperjeff
    I’ll take the groundhog
    Text me at [email protected] with total sent to 47992 and how you would like paid
    Thanks , Joe
  6. south360
    south360 pyeager1
    I spoke to you several years ago and I remembered that you do great work on snakes. I live outside of Dothan and a client asked me to do a rattlesnake. I don't do snakes. Do you still do them? He killed a 6 footer this past Saturday turkey hunting. Thanks. Scott Long - Racks Taxidermy
  7. Foothills Trapper
    Foothills Trapper
    Slippage!!!! i Am disgusted, disappointed, & lost my whole take of fur this season almost
  8. meat
    meat Safari12
    interested in the beaver. please text me at 989 634 9584 Thank you Kevin
  9. Perca
    Perca den007
    Hello Dennis.
    Looking for your fish eyes again.
    I got on ebay but there were like THOUSANDS of hits on "fish eyes." I got tired of scrolling after 3 pages and quit. I think ebay might have been where I bought your eyes before. If that's still the case, please send me your ebay username.
    Thanks a million,
    Doug (Perca)
  10. dgreinke
    New member
  11. TrapperonWheels
    Not sure if my pickle worked on some hides. I used the McKenzie products as directed, but my hides came out really dark? Any suggestions?
  12. CowboyTaxidermy
    I am looking for a large WTD cape 22" or larger
  13. Tking
    Tking bur
    Hi. I’m writing about the beaver and otter raw skull listing. I’m possibly interested in the lot. Is this still available? If so, what would shipping look like to 37216? Thank you.
  14. MarkNelson
    MarkNelson Slim76
    3233 N 70th Street
    Scottsdale AZ

    Tell me total and I'll paypal you.
  15. MarkNelson
    MarkNelson Slim76
    I'll buy off you if available. Here's my address to calculate shipping:
    Mark Nelson
  16. maxman
    maxman bob wendt
    Bob, Do you have any badgers left?
  17. Tking
    Tking kris raubenstine
    Hi. Is the raw beaver and red fox head package deal still available? I’ll take it if so.
  18. huakuay
  19. huakuay
    huakuay Jack agus
    How much is the Babirusa SKull?
  20. drob