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  1. BO-N-ARO
    BO-N-ARO porterfield
    Would be happy to talk with you about modifying your giraffe form.
    You can call me at 972-670-7268
  2. Scott Musgrave
    Scott Musgrave
    just want to say hey everyone been a few years
  3. Lyndsey
    Looking for someone with tips, or helpful sources that are able to Date rare antique taxidermy piece!
  4. Chad Houston
    Chad Houston
    Howdy y'all, pleased to inform you im livin' my best life...corona styyyyyyle.
  5. Peter McGraw
    Peter McGraw
    Products in materials such as Rubber Bellows, Electrical Grommet, Rubber Grommet, Rubber Washers, Rubber Bushing,
  6. Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan
    This company is here to offer some of the best Rubber Mounts, Anti Vibration Mounts, Vibration Damping Mounts,
  7. Rubber Extrusions
    Rubber Extrusions
    We offer Products in materials such as Rubber Bellows, Electrical Grommet, Rubber Grommet, Rubber Washers, Rubber Bushing, Rubber Gasket
  8. Johnnyclyde
    Johnnyclyde bob wendt
    Do you still have coyote capes
  9. Roger M
    Roger M
    Hi, I am Roger M In Mississauga ON Canada, Running my business Rubber Silicone Molds for Manufacturers and Suppliers of Custom Rubber Molded
  10. motorcycleproducer
    It is a China motorcycle batteries manufacturer and motorcycle batteries factory.
  11. Lyndsey
    ISO whole baby skunks. looking for whole baby skunks, or small skunks. thank you in advance! email is : [email protected]
  12. Johnnyclyde
    Johnnyclyde joepennanti
    How much is the postage for two red squirrels? Sorry if I did not message you properly the other time. I’m still learning.
  13. Shrews5
    Shrews5 13 point
    Hey I didn’t get a pm from you, or I don’t know how to find the pm?
  14. 13 point
    13 point Shrews5
    If u have any questions feel free to call me , but between daylight hours lol 410-977-1856 Glen I’ll be glad to help in anyway
  15. meat
    meat kojak
    Go you have any live mandarin hens for sale. You can text me at 989 634 9584 Thank you
  16. Proxylwia
    deus ex machina
  17. desertbull
    desertbull Joe Soucie
    Hi Joe.
    What fish of Ron's did you have?
  18. Joe Smith
  19. Joe Smith
    Joe Smith trapperjeff
    I’ll take the groundhog
    Text me at [email protected] with total sent to 47992 and how you would like paid
    Thanks , Joe
  20. south360
    south360 pyeager1
    I spoke to you several years ago and I remembered that you do great work on snakes. I live outside of Dothan and a client asked me to do a rattlesnake. I don't do snakes. Do you still do them? He killed a 6 footer this past Saturday turkey hunting. Thanks. Scott Long - Racks Taxidermy