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New Profile Posts

  1. seank
    ***Taking in some wholesale fish work*** Sean 770-235-5733
  2. james hankins
    james hankins pygosti
    ya have any more lefthanded skive knives i really need one . james 936-662-4686
  3. jruff002
    jruff002 Curtis M
    you still have the bird flesher? if so, text me at 870-416-9552
  4. Manuel Anthony Hinojosa
    Manuel Anthony Hinojosa leojay13
    Thank you very much for your warm welcome. I am a medically retired combat veteran, and an artist. Also leather work and repaired a few saddles. If you know anyone who is interested in learning these skills, I would love to help.
  5. marv caskey
    marv caskey Skife
    I sent you a message but I may have put it in the wrong place.I'm interested in the xl elk cape .Could you please give me a phone call,my number is 717-471-3895.I would like to discuss the shipping and your payment preference.Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.I'll wait to hear from you.Sincerely Marv Caskey.
  6. Zac clark
    Zac clark josh s.
    Hello I was just reading the forum you were discussing in 2015 about antler replicas and was wondering if you ever figured out how to make the quality and strength antlers you were looking for
  7. don257
    don257 buckrub10
    you still have those three wet tanned capes? $185 each if I take all three? I can send you a MO. Let me know Don
  8. Manuel Anthony Hinojosa
    Manuel Anthony Hinojosa leojay13
    Hello Leo Jay, I'm in south Texas (robstown) I saw your post. I'm just getting started in taxidermy, and would like to contact you about capes.
    1. leojay13
      Good morning Mr. Hinojosa, welcome to the taxidermy world. My number is 956-453-3925. Dont hesitate to call whenever you need assistance.
      Mar 15, 2023 at 8:49 AM
  9. dklawitter
    dklawitter KenCraig
    i have 14 raw armadillo skulls if interested? What are you paying?
  10. Abbey Normal
    Abbey Normal Norman Soto
    I texted you pictures of that cat last week, you never responded
  11. John796
    John796 old60furs
    How much for the two beaver kits
  12. sheephunter
    sheephunter Richard C
    Hey Richard, Yes its the old guy from Nevada. How are things in Mass ?
  13. Hinzey
    Hinzey leojay13
    you have any whitetail capes for sale? Can you or will you ship to Canada?
  14. Hinzey
    Hinzey BowDeadly
    do you have any whitetail capes? can you or will you ship to Canada?
  15. Down South Taxidermy and Oddities
    Down South Taxidermy and Oddities Emma Berry
    Your message disappeared about the sharks. He hasn’t messaged me back either. Pretty sure he ****ed me. I paid using PayPal so I’m trying to get it back.
  16. p baker
    p baker stoneman
    Hey, would you have a Corsican ram cape?
    1. stoneman
      No sir sorry
      Mar 1, 2023
  17. Jimmy Rimrock
  18. angelfacexx
    angelfacexx George
    Hi George! I saw your post from several years ago looking for a freeze dried mice,duck, etc supplier...did you ever locate one? I'd like to purchase some freeze dried mice and ducks and cannot find any. Any leads would be so appreciated
    1. George
      Back then I got them from Evelyn Holmes Habitat. I'm not sure if they're still in business or if she's even alive now.
      Feb 24, 2023
  19. Joyce Edgemon
    Joyce Edgemon
    ISO adrake wood duck to mount if anyone has an extra to buy!!!! One client had is soured
  20. *
    * TheMuddyMoose
    Bear rug still avail
    Text 8107106174
    If you’re interested