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  1. Jerred
    Jerred Jnmack
    Jnmack ,
    Do you have 3# skunk skulls available? If so what would the shipping be to 45662 Portsmouth Ohio thru USPS?
    i need three?

    Thankyou at
    [email protected]
  2. crs
    crs Richard C
    I am interested in pinking machine. Chuck 940-507-1587 Thanks
  3. Flajfc
    Flajfc jimss
    is your bighorn cape still available ??
  4. Htxpaint
    Anyone hiring master quality finish/painter?
  5. Aztael
    Aztael kris raubenstine
  6. Charles Worley
    Charles Worley
    I have a fleshing wheel for sale 200 dollars 9312276377
  7. txhornhunter
    txhornhunter mike d
    Do you still have waterbuck horns?
  8. MR. Brad
    MR. Brad Ray Hatfield
    Ray. Are the gemsbok and tsessebbe capes large. Brad Eldred
  9. Mike Chapman
    Mike Chapman
    Willing to learn, and share what's learned
  10. George
    There is a commercial product called "Snake Tan" out there . I'd set the skin in methanol or denatured alcohol (mixed 50:50 with water).
  11. Adriannnn
    Adriannnn George
    Hey George, I saw on a post that you do not recommend using glycerin for tanning snake hides. What do you recommend? Do you know of any videos, websites or books I could use?
  12. Jeremy Attebury
    Jeremy Attebury hoytman
    Good afternoon. I just ordered a 55 gal barrel of methanol based on some conversation here on the site. You were pushing hard for this method. I was wondering how you store yours and what safety precautions to be taking. Thank you for your time.
  13. abacus
    abacus HalfAFarm
    interested in skunk with lots of white, any photos? is it fleshed? [email protected] interested serious
  14. Mos masicampo
    Mos masicampo GA Jeremy
    checking if u still have those texas dall capes for sale 808-559-0088
  15. James Hamilton
  16. Jerred
    Jerred Slim76
    Hello Again, would you be setting any more traps for Prairie Dogs Mark?
    Please email me at [email protected] gmail.com
    They should be undamaged and no broken bones

    .Thank you Jerred.
  17. Greg Fisher
    Greg Fisher
    Attitute Is Everything
  18. Zawn
    Zawn Chiefs
    Looking for a few turkey beards. Do you have 2-3 available? Looking for 5-6” and possibly 9,10” or longer. I’m not on here that often. Email is definitely faster. Can you help me? Thanks in advance
    [email protected]
  19. RayTaxidermy
    Love your self and most importantly love what you do.
  20. starseedrose
    Beginner taxidermist