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  1. Richs Taxidermy
    Richs Taxidermy old60furs
    I haven't forgot about you been working late at my other job,I will send check your way Saturday or Monday thanks again Rich.
  2. crappiekiller315
    crappiekiller315 bob wendt
    Bob how many of the tanned coyotes do you have
  3. Fox Hardy
    Fox Hardy
    Looking for a book called Beautiful fur animals and their colour genetics
  4. Mikie Tharp
  5. wmt
    wmt northern artist
    I have a cape that will be for sale. It is at the tannery and will be finished this spring. If you are still in need of one at that time I can send you more info. 307 851 3649.
  6. wmt
    wmt Doran Carter
    how much are you asking for your bighorn skins?
  7. Shawntheflyguy
    Somewhere out there is a bird waiting for me to buy it
  8. cvinger
    cvinger Daniel kegerreis
    2 day, priority mail shipping is $52
    If you still want it, I'll take $245--shipped
  9. mikeblake
    mikeblake Ssmirga
    I have more then the five posted,I sell the bigger ones for $400 Tannery ready ,if interested text me @360-791-5552
  10. Chad J. Hollier
    Chad J. Hollier
    With a frozen deer cape with the skull still in it, what is the best way to thaw it out to begin scraping?
  11. mikeblake
    mikeblake cvinger
    Sorry,hope you get this,cat ped sold,have wet tanned ls cat $100 shipped. @360-791-5552
    1. cvinger
      That may work,-- same questions-size, pics,etc?
      Feb 18, 2018 at 6:01 PM
  12. pheasantcreek
    pheasantcreek sterling
    Pm me if you still have them
  13. clare109
  14. Nancy C
    Nancy C
    Test all things; keep that which is good
  15. abacus
    abacus BWCOHIO
    interested in albino mole, can't find out how to PM you...jamsu13yahoo...serious
  16. tat
    tat Nightweaver
    have several large zebra pieces probably 16x16 or so and several brest area pieces maybe 12 x 12 can send pictures to phone number just let me know all are dry tanned and in excellent condition
  17. PennieNickeldime bearrugs
    PennieNickeldime bearrugs
    Sewing quality bear rugs for taxidermy co. Professional workmanship with great passion . Always providing durability .quick turn around
    1. PennieNickeldime bearrugs
      PennieNickeldime bearrugs
      Openings available
      Feb 16, 2018
    2. PennieNickeldime bearrugs
      PennieNickeldime bearrugs
      I have openings for your business.quality rugs,great rates
      Feb 17, 2018
  18. Bradley O
    Bradley O
    In need of a Nothern Shoveler Drake artificial head, with an open mouth. Does anyone have one? Know who sells them ? Thank you
  19. goosehunter51
    goosehunter51 Shanna
    Hey brit!

    I have black squirrels if you're still looking...

  20. ChasingThunder
    just a hobby, but looking to be the best that I can be!