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  1. CoachB
    CoachB BowDeadly
    Where's My Antelope cape I paid you for? You owe me 245 bucks send it back to me.
  2. Jerred
    Jerred obarr1977
    Are your Alligator skulls still available if so how much on shipping to 45662
  3. Russell Knight
    Russell Knight
    Knight’s in Alaska - Needs a serious taxidermist seeking Alaskan lifestyle for possible ownership situation . Serious inquiries please .
  4. Jaronv
    Jaronv Tattoos and Taxidermy
    I have an adult gila monster frozen perfect shape.

    I would probably need $800-$1000 for it if your interested?
  5. Eric K
    Eric K Driftworker
    Hello Driftworker,

    Around September 7th you recommended I contact Bandrocker62 regarding a steenbok cape I am interested in buying. I'm having trouble getting him to ship the cape I paid for. Do you by chance know him personally?
  6. Reloaded Taxidermy
    Reloaded Taxidermy
    You see a Rd kill, I see a new MASTERPIECE...
  7. Eric K
    Eric K Troy Rose
    Hello Troy,

    I noticed you have communicated with Grant900 regarding an Audad cape. If you don't mind me asking, did you finish the transaction with him and, if so, how did it go? I am messaging him about a Steenbok cape and would like to know a bit more about him. Thanks.

  8. DeadThingsTales
    Temporarily Not Soil
  9. TRCWC
    Looking for a Pronghorn Antelope cape to fix a friends nice buck from yeas ago. Any ideas?
  10. TRCWC
    Retired and love to help others 40+ years experience!
  11. TRCWC
    Retired taxidermist after 40+ years. Love helping others with all
  12. jimbosch
    jimbosch charles_p
    Sorry sold
  13. Marcus Dyck
    Marcus Dyck
    How the helk do you make an actual post here?
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  14. Marcus Dyck
  15. ByGolly
    Prisoner Number P01135809
  16. Beauty in death
    Beauty in death Archer7
    Hey this was a long time ago, is the skull still available?
  17. gonzo03bear
    gonzo03bear Guttbag22
    I am asking $1,500.00 for this Fleshing machine.
  18. John Wilkins
    John Wilkins
    I'm a local home for all taxidermy, keep your order coming as long as you need something taxidermy.
  19. Stoner
    Stoner Lauren Smaroff
    please text me 3125157275
  20. Marcus Dyck
    Marcus Dyck
    Needing some info and or slick advice!!