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  1. Ken b
    Ken b sterling
    I'd be o to the fox shipped for 35$?
  2. ravitejafe
  3. marshell-with-an-e
    marshell-with-an-e J B
    Im interested in your rotocast machine, give me a call 501-416-7585
  4. Rob Roth
  5. 70360
    70360 Ken Edwards
    Just wanted to say thanks for fixing the glitch to sign up looking foward to being on taxidermy.net dan
  6. ravitejafe
  7. Deborah Pence
    Deborah Pence
    Looking for practice material!
  8. Scattered oaks
    Scattered oaks
    ISO of a black and Grey full body hide to be mounted
  9. Oldshipbuilder
    Oldshipbuilder byrdman
    Hi, Byrdman: I would be very interested in getting a specimen of whatever you may have left (sorry that I just saw this post); especially an Eider and/or Harlequin. Please email at [email protected] with the particulars for what you need to reimburse you for time & shipping to Lincoln Park, Mich.
    48146. Thanks! Keith Steffke
  10. MaxandTank
    MaxandTank byrdman
    Hi, if you have the Harlequin& Eider to gift would be Interested
  11. walnutfolks
  12. walnutfolks
    walnutfolks Vinay Bhandari
  13. acesforluck
    ISO Black Wildebeest cape! Need one bad!! Let me know what ya got!!
    1. DTS 1046
      DTS 1046
      Jan 13, 2021
  14. rohit saxena
    rohit saxena
    Top 10 Best Cities in Morocco to Visit
  15. rohit saxena
  16. rohit saxena
    rohit saxena
    Top 10 Best cities in Morocco to visit Tripbates Travelling Made Easy Visit best cities or places in all over the world on your fingertips.
  17. ravitejafe
  18. Rattleemup
    Rattleemup BowDeadly
    Still have dbl throat patch cape?
  19. Jerred
    Jerred danbarnhurst
    On your spotted skunks would you consider case skinning to lighten the package?
    jerred at
    [email protected]
    1. danbarnhurst
      I will skin them for an added fee if the buyer prefers. I ship specimens frozen all across the country, and it takes good insulation and sufficient volume (and weight) to get them there in good shape. So I don't think lightening a package is beneficial. I never want to see someone receive a spoiled skin. Thanks for the question.
      Jan 10, 2021
  20. jemmick