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  1. Pnw.siren
  2. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist kojak
    Hi Leroy , thanks for the nice feedback and happy Holidays.
  3. WildAboutFowl
  4. Sam Hansen
    Sam Hansen George
    Hey bud I have several questions about perch are you willing to chat
  5. fortman
    fortman Matthew
    I saw some postings of skulls you had for sale. Do you have any good skulls for sale and what kind of prices?
    I would also do trading on skulls for cleaning or taxidermy work.

    Thank you,
    Fortman's Taxidermy & Tannery,LLC
    1. Matthew
      I do have skulls for sale.
      5 Raccoon for $2.00 each
      4 Coyote skulls $3.00
      2 Bobcat skulls $7.00 each
      4 Gray Fox Skulls for $5.00 each.
      As far as a trade I could use some fur tanning done or a deer hide tanned into leather. Hair off tanning.
      I am in San Antonio Texas.
      Dec 9, 2018 at 11:28 PM
  6. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist
    I,m a Taxidermist at a Museum and i operate my own studio since 1980 39yrs.
  7. mikeblake
    mikeblake show me
    Please let me know if you get this. My number is 360-791-5552 text if possible
  8. mikeblake
    mikeblake show me
    Hey sir,guy I get cats from gets big money for claws from jewelery maker.i know big bummer.have a redish colored big cat,wet tanned,$450 might not get many this year,thanks,mike
  9. forrest65
    forrest65 NID-20
    I am interested in buying the 2 red coons if they are still available.my email address is [email protected] thank you for your time
  10. Mr Clean
    Mr Clean tomgobbler
    Do you still have elk ivories? I would be interested in a medium size set. Price, shipping, pics?
  11. Mr Clean
    Mr Clean skitownguy
    Do you still have elk ivories? Id be interested in a medium size set. Price, shipping, pics? Warren, MI 48093
  12. Ashley Gleeson
    Ashley Gleeson bob wendt
    I'm in Florida looking for raw heads of skunk coyote bobcat mink muskrat raccoon possum otter beaver. Interested in other stuff too. Will buy in bulk if you have. My Email is [email protected]
    Thanks Ashley
  13. deadperfecttaxidermy
    deadperfecttaxidermy kris raubenstine
    Hey Kris,

    I sent a message about the Sika deer you had on here. Is that still available? Thanks!
  14. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist Will85
    Will, send me your email address and i will send to you a pickle solution and tanning instructions
    i can't do it here not enough room to type it in . Jim Taxidermist
  15. BeetleBoxWNY
    Looking for info on beetle enclosures for larger mammels
  16. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist kojak
    Hi Leroy, i tracked USPS. and the ducks will be here today
    i will call you when i get them. Jim
  17. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist vic h
    Vic, i like your other otter manikins. Jim
  18. Slalomer from the Styx
    Slalomer from the Styx
    Brand new and wanting to try some new hobbies.
  19. A hunt 2 remember
    A hunt 2 remember
    You make the memories. We preserve them
  20. A hunt 2 remember
    A hunt 2 remember
    You make the memories,