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  1. joeym
    joeym Dave York
    Dave: Did you get my message about the boar cape? You can txt me at 601-513-4813 if you didn't. I get all lost in this new message system here.
  2. Eyes4Taxidermy
  3. Eyes4Taxidermy
  4. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist joeym
    Hey Joey, we should open up our own taxidermy school ?
  5. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist KatieC
    Hi Katie, would you take $175.00 for the antlers ? That's what i pay for them at an auction.
  6. KYBeetleman
    KYBeetleman Sea Wolf
    Hey man, new to the site and notice you seem to be one of more knowledgeable posters here. I have an issue with viewing some of the pictures. I keep seeing a "Update your account to see third party hosting" Any idea what I need to do to see the photos? Thanks
    1. Sea Wolf
      Sea Wolf
      Unfortunately, that is Photobucket and not the taxi site. People used Photobucket to host their photos for free. That site now charges money and prevents anyone from seeing the users pictures unless the user pays money. That is the message you see now on photobucket accounts. The Taxi site is fine. :) It isn't something you can fix but if you contact the poster with the broken pictures they might be able to fix them.
      Dec 15, 2018 at 6:12 PM
    2. KYBeetleman
      That's a bummer, lot of photos Id like to see on the old forums.

      I built my degreasing tank, works great but the water temp is 20 degree difference between clean heated water and the bucket w skull. I got 122 in the bucket steady, but 140 outside in laundry sink I converted. It works and holds nicely so no complaints there, just didn't expect that big a difference. That normal?
      Dec 16, 2018 at 8:39 PM
    3. Sea Wolf
      Sea Wolf
      Are you circulating the clean water? Insulating the top of the bucket can help too. You can use bubblewrap, small plastic balls for sous vide cooking possibly even small ping pong balls. Anything to hold the heat in.
      Dec 17, 2018 at 12:13 PM
  7. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist OhDear
    Hi and welcome to Taxidermy.Net, How is the weather now in NC. i heard you people got alot of snow. We get sometimes 6ft. of snow here are you a taxidermist too.
  8. DavidMc
    Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy Class of Spring 2017
  9. game stalker
    game stalker Texashillcountry
    Would you have or know of where I might buy a black buck cape? Thanks
  10. AZ~Rich
    AZ~Rich Sea Wolf
    Hi I wanted to ask about your observations regarding the effects of ammonia solutions on the stainless bucket heating element? Is this something that appears to be an aggressive corrosion or slow process? Thanks
    1. Sea Wolf
      Sea Wolf
      It is an aggressive reaction. Did the label on your package state "Stainless steel"? If so, the whole element should have had a very thick layer of stainless. If the package said chromed, that might have been the error. Ammonia and a few metals can be just evil together. Copper is highly reactive with many things. Galvanized steel is another one.
      Dec 14, 2018 at 8:00 PM
    2. Sea Wolf
      Sea Wolf
      After I had a bucket heater go south like that I took high temp silicone and put a heavy coating over all parts of it making sure there were no thin spots and every weld and junction point was well covered. No more issues after that.
      Dec 14, 2018 at 8:01 PM
  11. Pnw.siren
  12. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist kojak
    Hi Leroy , thanks for the nice feedback and happy Holidays.
  13. WildAboutFowl
  14. Sam Hansen
    Sam Hansen George
    Hey bud I have several questions about perch are you willing to chat
  15. fortman
    fortman Matthew
    I saw some postings of skulls you had for sale. Do you have any good skulls for sale and what kind of prices?
    I would also do trading on skulls for cleaning or taxidermy work.

    Thank you,
    Fortman's Taxidermy & Tannery,LLC
    1. Matthew
      I do have skulls for sale.
      5 Raccoon for $2.00 each
      4 Coyote skulls $3.00
      2 Bobcat skulls $7.00 each
      4 Gray Fox Skulls for $5.00 each.
      As far as a trade I could use some fur tanning done or a deer hide tanned into leather. Hair off tanning.
      I am in San Antonio Texas.
      Dec 9, 2018
  16. mikeblake
    mikeblake show me
    Please let me know if you get this. My number is 360-791-5552 text if possible
  17. mikeblake
    mikeblake show me
    Hey sir,guy I get cats from gets big money for claws from jewelery maker.i know big bummer.have a redish colored big cat,wet tanned,$450 might not get many this year,thanks,mike
  18. forrest65
    forrest65 NID-20
    I am interested in buying the 2 red coons if they are still available.my email address is [email protected] thank you for your time
  19. Mr Clean
    Mr Clean tomgobbler
    Do you still have elk ivories? I would be interested in a medium size set. Price, shipping, pics?
  20. Mr Clean
    Mr Clean skitownguy
    Do you still have elk ivories? Id be interested in a medium size set. Price, shipping, pics? Warren, MI 48093