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  1. John Goodwin
    John Goodwin
    In need of a full plumed Blue Wing Teal and also a Cinnamon Full plumed teal. I don’t care if it’s frozen or alive text me 479-200-9475
  2. slabbandit
    slabbandit Cole
    Hey Cole, I would sure like to know what method you like the best on doing your skin mount crappie fins. I'm pretty happy with my bodies but still looking to improve my fin markings and colors. I really enjoy watching your casting and molding DVDs I got from you a while back also. Thanks
  3. wildwoodpark
    If this bear is still available, can you post the length and width of the skull (or the score). Thanks a million!
  4. John Elpers
    John Elpers
    " Providing skulls that last a lifetime!"
  5. John Elpers
    John Elpers
    Red Eye European Mounts
  6. Western Wildlife Art Studio
    Western Wildlife Art Studio Pennydog
    Anytime after 6pm MT Time or weekends.. pretty busy with work ,,
  7. Cynical Sigils
    Cynical Sigils
    Hi guys! I'm a hobbyist taxidermist based in the UK, West Yorkshire. Would love to trade tips and tricks anytime! ✨
  8. Kelk
    Kelk Tanglewood Taxidermy
    Can you help me with my tanning question or point me in the right direction for an explanation of the different tanning processes Kel
    1. Tanglewood Taxidermy
      Tanglewood Taxidermy
      Breakthrough Tanning Manual sold by McKenzie and breakthrough.com, Frank gave you good advice. Search the archives on here and you will have about a year of stuff to read.
      Apr 6, 2021
  9. Michael d Huey
    Michael d Huey Chiefs
    Do you still have the antelope cape for sale?
  10. Animal Replicas
  11. nate
    nate byrdman
    Hi Pat. Wondering if you have any lesser scaup that you’d be willing to part with. Doesn’t have to be perfect. Best way to reach me is text. 218-851-5817. Thanks
  12. Jill Morgan Gipson
    Jill Morgan Gipson Jakemish
    Hi there How much would you want for all the rattles. Could you send me a picture?
    [email protected]

    Thank you so much
  13. LordRusty
    LordRusty Ken Edwards
    Hey Ken,

    Just heard of the passing of Boxie Kallina ...
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  14. noonanado
    noonanado Morris Custom Hides
    I have a wolf hide I was wanting to get tanned. How much to get it tanned for a wall hanger?
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    2. Yotekingtaxidermist84
      I want that wolf corpse
      Apr 20, 2021 at 11:21 AM
  15. Jill Morgan Gipson
    Jill Morgan Gipson
    Joe Morgan's Daughter. Morgan Reptile Replicas
  16. tmoos111
    tmoos111 kotaclem
    Do you still have both the wrapping bodies dvd?
  17. bigjohn123
    bigjohn123 bob wendt
    Hey bob john in maryland i got a nursing female coyote and wonder if you ever get any coyote pups id like to eventually do a couple with her nursing is this something you ever come across figured youd be the one to ask.John
    1. bob wendt
      bob wendt
      none so far this spring. maybe later. bob
      Mar 29, 2021
    2. bigjohn123
      thanks bob.john
      Mar 29, 2021
  18. nina5150
    nina5150 superior taxidermy
    Hi.i know this is a long shot but do you by chance have any ball python carcases that are only 20-22in long available??
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  19. Museum Man
    Museum Man vic h
    Hi Vic, this is Randy Gilmore, i am looking at some different Bush Buck forms and noticed the Head Quarters one. The 14 inch neck one. Since you can see this one in person, is it a nicer one that is available in the industry now? What do you think? Wanted to ask you before i made a choice on one. thanks, Randy
  20. Dave Ennenga
    Dave Ennenga
    Looking for a 24” mule deer cape please text me @ 801-410-2646 if you have one. Thanks.