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New Profile Posts

  1. Jerred
    Jerred Bradley Smith
    Any smaller animal forms, opposum, mink or weasel, rabbit , etc?
    Jerred at
    [email protected]
  2. Bradley Smith
    Bradley Smith conibearguy
    Still have the porcupine
    1. conibearguy
      It is sold sadly.
      Dec 6, 2021 at 9:53 PM
  3. nambird
  4. Chez martin
    Chez martin Roadkill
    Hello Sir, my name is Chez.
    I saw a post that you wrote to a guy who had his antlers lost by the processor and asked if anyone could recreate them from using a picture of them. how did those turn out? how much do you charge? do you still do this? what all would you need from me if you are willing to help me out? Thank you
  5. Bigjon2
    Bigjon2 joepennanti
    How much for a Red and Flying Squirrel? Shipping to 60187.
  6. Tylar Melfi
    Tylar Melfi Deablo 6
    I saw your post about piebald otters. I’m looking for them also. Any leads
  7. Vicki Chritton-Myers
  8. Jerred
    Jerred Vicki Chritton-Myers
    vicki, would you or anyone that raises Highlander catle have the skulls forsale with nice horns on them, as i do not need the lower jaw bones? Jerred, [email protected]
    1. Vicki Chritton-Myers
      Nov 21, 2021
  9. ramero123
    Hello. Im looking for a couple of elk capes. Im in Nampa, Idaho.
  10. Wee Willie
    Wee Willie D.Price
  11. polestchuk
    Taxidermist of the Timiryazev Biological Museum Moscow
  12. Stream Side
    Stream Side
    Was just thinking of daveminn and how he was just ridding around on the farm on his quad and died just life can be so short.
  13. Clew
    Clew CritterBrain
  14. bryan115
    bryan115 Chiefs
    Looking for lg antelope. Need asap bryan 303 229 3411 text only. Cant hear on cell phone
  15. Keith
    Keith POOH
    Getting dumped on with snow? How much did you get.

    We haven't had even a dusting yet.

  16. don257
    don257 Tomas
    Interested in your mink and marten.
  17. craigd89
    Waterfowl Taxidermist
  18. jackandlinda
    Looking to buy a good used pressure tanner in or near WIsconsin please call 608 462 7443 or 608 495 9002
  19. fogbound
    fogbound Sea Wolf
    Seawolf: I tried to send a message, but was having difficulty. Do you have an email address?

  20. 13 point
    13 point rickey logan
    No sorry I sold it .