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  1. rigbobby
    rigbobby FullCryHounds
    if you are interested in selling the bighorn cape, please contact me at
    [email protected]
  2. desertbull
    desertbull Wouter
    Greetings Wouter!

    I want to get the flesh off of this Bull Trout head.

    WHAT would you suggest...boiling and hand fleshing or beetles?
    My concern is the beetles will eat away at vital bone.

    ALL input, direction etc is most appreciated.

    If can think of links to read, etc....I will be a great student!

    Gary in Bend, Oregon

    [email protected]
  3. Duckmantaxidermy
    Anyone have a paint schedule for a Bufflehead and Greenwing teal ? Thanks...
  4. Audra
    Audra rogerswildlife
    Thanks I appreciate the info. your snakes are beautiful by the way.
    1. rogerswildlife
      Your welcome and thank you !
      Feb 18, 2019 at 10:29 PM
  5. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist leojay13
    Leo, thank you any way no i'm in the Buffalo, New York area i got one coming thanks.
  6. MaxandTank
  7. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist Lance.G
    Lance, i don't need it now i bought one around here. thanks
  8. Riddler
    Riddler Doug
    I would take the WT capes if still available.
    Thanks, John
    1. Doug
      Sorry the capes are sold
      Feb 18, 2019 at 11:31 AM
  9. MaxandTank
    MaxandTank jeana k.
    Text me 516 779 2650
  10. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist buckrub10
    I'm looking for a 7x18 or 19 tanned wt cape.
  11. Audra
    Audra rogerswildlife
    Hello my name is Audra. Was wanting some advice if you wouldn't mind sharing. Have done a lot of rattlers but could never find anything I liked to coat after it dried. Wasn't sure if you put any kind of coating or just left it natural. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Audra
    1. rogerswildlife
      Hello Audra , only time I seal a snake is if I had to do any paint work on one to fix damage. When I do this I use a matte finish in a spry can .
      Tommy .
      Feb 17, 2019 at 11:54 PM
  12. Bar9
    Bar9 goosehunter51
    Saw on a post you had Squirrels for sale?
  13. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist ryanolson72
    Hi Ryan, i need a WT. deer cape i will call you later on sunday.
  14. MaxandTank
    MaxandTank Blue
  15. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist old60furs
    Hi, i'm interested in a bobcat how much and what do they weigh. In New York State we don't need a taxidermy license
    at one time we did but the DEC said it was costing them to much money. 716-239-0825 send me a text first because i get a lot of Robo calls and i will call you back. thanks Jim Taxidermist
  16. MaxandTank
    MaxandTank rem
    I'm interested to buy it. Text 516 779 2650
  17. Fortner
    Fortner jbhunter86
    Plz send pics of mule deer cape 770-480-5241
  18. MaxandTank
    MaxandTank Danny crop
  20. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist Nakoa01
    I left you a message telling you that i will take the squirrel leave me your phone #. Jim