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  1. hoytarcher
    hoytarcher m
    Long shot, but do you still have the 8ft tumbler for sale?
  2. white fox
    white fox twolabs
    no I do not have morning doves. cannot sell morning doves
  3. davemikka
    Wanted: Whitetail doe cape. Raw is fine. Medium sized deer. Please email [email protected]
  4. Dylan730
    Dylan730 Bob Jungman (559) 269-3336
    Hey Bob,

    Do you by chance have a drake widgeon. I am looking one the is almost a storm widgeon.
  5. james deakin
    james deakin wd1990
    Hi I see you are working with crustaceans, do you stabilise them > if so how ? I am experimenting with a vacuum chamber. Regards james
  6. alabamagobbler
    alabamagobbler bob wendt
    Bob, what trap do you recommend for trapping skunks that will prevent them from spraying?
  7. tarponfan
    tarponfan skitownguy
    hey - do you still have the rattler skins? Can you tell me a little about them? Cured? Dried? Fleshed? Thanks !!!!
  8. bryan115
    bryan115 hornguy
    ```````interested in antelope cape send pics 303 229 3411
  9. Beltonbanger
  10. Cajun taxidermy
    Cajun taxidermy
    Looking for a red fox. Full size hide.
  11. Clew
    Clew Mudbat
    Do you know this new bird man?
  12. Antonio neri
    Antonio neri kris raubenstine
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  13. Jason25
    Jason25 AlaskaSilverdog
    Doug, Do you expect to have a new lot of wolf pelts in the future similar to the group you sold a few years ago? I’m interested in a black pelt. Thanks
  14. steewrestler
    steewrestler mike janicki
    Ill take cape #1.
  15. trapperff
    trapperff Ken Edwards
    Just a heads up- if I go to the “suppliers page” & click on the Hilton epply forms web address- it takes you to an adult porn website
  16. Jim Kasik
    Jim Kasik
    From tracks to trophies
  17. huntingdreams
    huntingdreams wbyman
    do you have any pictures of the bobcats you have for sale?
    1. wbyman
      Yes send me a text, 574 702 1590. we just caught them a week ago. im going to take more pics tonight for another guy so i will sent them to you too if you like.
      Jan 3, 2022
  18. Decomposer
    New to the Forums, From Bowmanville, East of Toronto, Ontario
  19. Decomposer
    Hi new to the forums and wanting to know bone of wing placement on a great horned owl. should I cut the sockets off bone?
  20. Remington Vogan
    Remington Vogan
    Looking for a reasonable price for a Mountain Goat, Rocky Mountain BigHorn Sheep, and a Mule Deer. life-size or cape. Not sure yet. Thanks!