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  1. MaxandTank
  2. Wouter
    Wouter Sea Wolf
    Hi Seawolf, my cousin Jan has put the moving picture of my hyacinth macaw skeleton back on our website www.skullsite.com. I hope it will help you with your skeleton project.

    1. Sea Wolf
      Sea Wolf
      Thank you for letting me know. It will be of a big help. I hope it comes out even a little bit as nice as yours. .. Right now, it is still in the freezer.
      Apr 18, 2019 at 4:10 PM
  3. Micah Howards
  4. MaxandTank
    I always sent all animals to professionally tanneries.
  5. Yotekingtaxidermist84
    Yotekingtaxidermist84 old60furs
    We been friends for lot years brother
  6. Yotekingtaxidermist84
    Yotekingtaxidermist84 old60furs
    Marc for God's sake follow me
  7. Yotekingtaxidermist84
    CURTBUTT1 gollada
    Is this claw for sale??? I would like to mold it and make reproductions of it. I believe this is as big as elvis presley's lion claw necklace... thanks ....curt b
  9. Micah Howards
    Micah Howards MaxandTank
    Do you know how to soft tan a bobcat? Thanks
  10. Jim Taxidermist
    Jim Taxidermist DTS 1046
    How much you want for them ?
  11. Micah Howards
    Micah Howards noonanado
    How many coyote skulls and martin skulls do you have? And are they all in good condition?
    1. noonanado
      30 marten and two coyotes.
      Apr 16, 2019 at 11:37 PM
    2. Micah Howards
      Micah Howards
      Okay Thanks.
      Apr 17, 2019 at 12:09 PM
  12. ColtonPruitt
    ColtonPruitt tokenned
    Could you send me some pictures of the fetus'? (Sorry couldn't figure out PM)
  13. Yotekingtaxidermist84
  14. Micah Howards
  15. engc237
    yes...but has weak bellie fur
  16. qltycapes
    I cut my teeth on a currier knife
  17. Micah Howards
    Micah Howards engc237
    So your wolf is mountable right?
  18. Tiera Larsen
    Tiera Larsen
    I have Two Zebra skins(rugs) from South Africa that I am looking to sell. I have no place to put them for its worth so never used.
  19. MikeDW
    MikeDW bryar
    Give me a call about WT capes. 7124412326
  20. Liz Markum
    Liz Markum