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Whitetail Savings Club Benefits

I was recently talking to a taxidermist friend of mine when I casually asked how he liked the new McKenzie Whitetail Savings Club. His answer surprised me. He told me that had not enrolled in the club yet, even though he was buying whitetail mannikins from McKenzie every month. He said he wasn’t even planning to join. He explained, “That’s only like a dollar off on each form. It’s hardly worth my time.”

I realized right then that he didn’t understand the full scope of the benefits of this new program. It is much more than just a dollar credit for each mannikin. Club members can easily save $100 in shipping charges, even with the purchase of as few as a dozen deer forms. In fact, quite a few taxidermists have already surpassed $100 in savings in the first two months of this year!

It costs nothing to join, requires no work or record keeping on your part, and automatically accumulates benefits for members without any additional effort. Signing up couldn’t be easier. You just tell your McKenzie sales representative that you want to participate and you’re in! That’s it! Points for all of the whitetail deer forms you have purchased so far in 2015 are added to your account, so you may find that you can start using the savings benefits immediately! There is no downside. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

Earn points for each whitetail deer shoulder form.

How does it work? After you join the club McKenzie keeps track of all the whitetail shoulder mount mannikins that you purchase during the 2015 calendar year. If you have previously purchased any whitetail forms in the first few months of 2015, they will be automatically added to your account as one point for every form you have bought since January. Every time you buy a whitetail deer mannikin, another point is added to your account. If you buy five mannikins, you get five points. If you buy twenty mannikins, you get twenty points.

These points accumulate throughout the year. Once you have reached the level of ten points (by purchasing any 10 whitetail deer shoulder mannikins in 2015), good things start to happen. You can choose to cash in any or all of your points at any time you like by converting them into “freight dollars,” which are used to reduce the shipping costs on orders.

Convert points to Freight Dollars to reduce shipping costs.

For instance, if you have bought 15 deer mannikins so far this year, you have accumulated 15 points. Whenever you like during 2015, you can use the 15 points to reduce the shipping charges on any McKenzie, VanDyke’s or WASCO order by $15.00 in whole dollar increments. So, if you have one order with shipping charges of $11.75, you could use 11 points and pay only 75 cents on the shipping, and you would still have 4 points in the bank to convert to future freight dollars. As you purchase more deer mannikins throughout the year, your points continue to accumulate, and you can draw on them at any time to reduce shipping charges.

So that is one of the main benefits, similar to a cash-back program on some credit cards, where you are essentially getting back 1-1/2 to 2 percent on any whitetail mannikin from McKenzie. But there is a second benefit which has a much greater value!

Earn free shipping (up to $100.00) on a single order.

Once you sign up as a member, McKenzie will not only calculate how many whitetail deer mannikins you are buying in 2015, they will also go back in time and compute exactly how many whitetail forms you purchased last year in 2014. Then, once you reach the minimum of 10 deer heads to activate your benefits, and when you surpass the number of deer heads you bought last year, you will get FREE shipping on your next order, up to a value of $100.00!

All you have to do to get up to $100.00 worth of free shipping on a single order is to buy one more deer head in 2015 than you bought in 2014! That’s pretty easy to do with the thousands and thousands of deer mannikins to choose from among the huge selection offered within the 1926 pages of merchandise from McKenzie, Van Dyke’s & Jonas, and WASCO catalogs.

Then on your next order, go ahead and splurge! Get that 25 pounds of clay and gallon of gloss you have been putting off. Treat yourself to some large pre-finished habitat bases or try out a new Wall Habitat®. Whether shipped by UPS, USPS, FedEx or freight line, the McKenzie Whitetail Savings Club will pay for up to $100.00 of the shipping costs on that single order.

And here is the best part: after you get your free shipping, you still have all of your accumulated points intact to convert into freight dollars during the remainder of 2015! The $100.00 free shipping is awarded over and above your points. It is simply an added incentive offered to customers who can surpass their previous year’s purchases on deer forms.

For example, if in 2014 you bought 11 shoulder mount deer forms from McKenzie, all you have to do is buy 12 deer heads in 2015, and your next order get the free shipping up to $100.00! (And you still have your 12 points that you can convert to Freight Dollars any time you choose later in 2015.)

But wait, there’s more!

Members also receive another great unadvertised benefit! Each month, McKenzie conducts a random drawing among the names of the members in the Whitetail Savings Club. The winner of this random drawing also receives free shipping on their next order (up to $100.00). If you are a member of the club, you’ve got a good shot at winning one of the 12 random drawings which will be held in 2015.

So, as I told my friend from the first line of this blog, what are you waiting for? The next time you call McKenzie, tell your friendly customer service rep that you want to join the Whitetail Savings Club. You’ve got nothing to lose, and if you end up purchasing at least 10 deer heads this year, everything to gain! You won’t even have to keep up with anything. Just ask McKenzie any time during the year and they will let you know your current accumulated points, Freight Dollars, and how close you are to your yearly goal for the free shipping bonus.

Whitetail deer shoulder mannikins are the only types of forms offered for this program. Since whitetail shoulder mounts are the bread-and-butter of most taxidermy shops, McKenzie wanted to create a program that could benefit the majority of taxidermy shops in the US. McKenzie is known for the most innovative and customer-pleasing whitetail deer forms in the world, and this program not only covers the majestic McKenzie deer series sculpted by Denny Behn, but also deer lines by Joe Meder, Ben Mears, Matt Thompson, Buckeye Mannikins, Jody Green, Don Holt, Scott Lennard, Tommy Hall, Tony Rusiecki, Aaron Connelly, John Schmidt, Jonas Supply, Rick Carter, Gene Smith, Sallie Dahmes, Larry Blomquist, “Bones” Johnson, Mike Noonkester, and John Rinehart. These sculptors have created over 3,000 different whitetail mannikins to choose from!

The full details of the McKenzie Whitetail Savings Club can be found on the McKenzie website here: http://www.mckenziesp.com/Webpage.aspx?WebpageId=1223&CategoryId=2610. The benefits and requirements are spelled out fully on this page, which are also included below.

The McKenzie Whitetail Savings Club

Whitetail forms have been at the core of McKenzie Supply since the first forms were produced over 40 years ago. In keeping with this tradition, we are excited to introduce our Whitetail Savings Club. In summary, the more whitetail forms you buy, the more you save on freight! After becoming a member, you will earn points for every whitetail shoulder form you purchase. Once you have accumulated 10 points, they will be converted to freight dollars and are redeemable towards your freight costs. To make things even better, there are opportunities to earn free freight on orders as well. The complete details of the plan can be viewed below.

How Do I Join?

• You must join by calling us Toll-Free (1-800-279-7985) or emailing our customer service team ([email protected]). Membership is not automatic.

How do I earn points?

• Once a member, points are earned on a calendar year basis as follows:

• One point is earned for every whitetail shoulder form purchased.

• Each point is worth one freight dollar in 2015. A minimum of 10 points must be earned before points can be converted to freight dollars.

• After accumulating 10 points they will be converted to freight dollars and are redeemable towards the freight cost of your next order (see “How do I use points?” below).

• After your first 10 points have been converted to freight dollars, points will then be converted in $1.00 increments.

• Returns and exchanges will affect this total.

• Points are earned on a calendar year basis and must be used during 2015.

• Rewards may vary each year. For 2015, points are redeemable towards freight dollars.

How do I use points?

• You will decide when you would like to use your points after earning the first 10. Our system will track your point total which will be reflected on your invoice. You will always know how many points you have. This total will also be available by calling our customer service team.

• If you would like to use your points they will be applied in whole dollar amounts automatically. For example, if you have 10 points and the freight is $9.58; nine freight dollars will be applied, and the balance of .58 will be paid with the same payment method used for merchandise. This example would result in a balance of 1 freight dollar on your account to be applied at a later time.

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