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New Habitat Bases for 2016

McKenzie has recently published their new 2015-2016 catalogs for McKenzie, Van Dyke’s and WASCO. By now, you should have received your copies which include dozens of new products available for all aspects of taxidermy art. At the 2015 World Show in Springfield, Missouri, McKenzie product developer Roger Martin took the time to show the features of some of the newest large habitat bases, including pre-manufactured trees for large mammal displays, as well as a new pedestal habitat base for use with existing wall mount mannikins. The video of this explanation is at the bottom of this article.

This new leopard mannikin by John Schmidt on a new African habitat base incorporates an existing artificial tree for a dramatic display.

John Schmidt’s new black bear mannikin features the McKenzie’s newest pre-cast nose system and a very unique pose for a bear standing in a tree. The tree and habitat base all work together to create a bear display like no one has seen before.

This Gemsbok shows how this new line of pedestal habitat bases can easily be used with existing wall mount game heads. Available in African, North American and snow scene versions, it is easy to attach a wall pedestal or flat-backed wall mount to these habitat bases for an instant dramatic floor pedestal scene. It also incorporates a new octagon footer which adds height to existing bases.

To help explain the features and benefits of these new bases, check out the short video with Roger Martin below.

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