Five Years of Taxidermy Blogging

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would be able to describe myself as a professional blogger, I would have laughed in their face. In fact, ten years ago I didn’t even know what “blog” meant! I had to look it up to find out that it was a contraction of the words “web log”. But amazingly here I am, five years into blogging; writing down my thoughts, drawing little cartoons, photographing great works of art, creating little videos, and still rolling along with it. The success of this unlikely experiment actually boggles my mind. Hundreds of readers continue to visit my blog each day, and many thousands each month.

I would like to thank Chad Davis of McKenzie, for coming up with the initial concept for this blog and for setting it in motion. If not for Chad’s inspiration and his confidence in me, this project would have never even gotten off the ground. I would also like to extend my deep appreciation to the McKenzie company for continuing to support this and many other endeavors that are worthwhile to all who participate in the taxidermy industry.

On March 21, 2012, Ken’s Corner made its debut. After passing my five-year anniversary, I thought it might be good to present all of my blog entries in a chronological list, for easy access. Click on any of the titles or graphics below to see them.

  Wild Turkey Field Care Guide

  Wild Turkey Taxidermy Displays

  Importing Wildlife and the Law

  Jim Hall’s Taxidermy Legacy

  Planning Your African Safari

  The 2012 World Show in Austria

  African Safari: During the Hunt

  William Temple Hornaday’s War

  Henry Wichers Inchumuk, Icon

  A Tip for Beautiful Squirrel Tails

  The Birth of The WASCO Award

  The NTA 2011 Winners Gallery

  The 2012 NTA Convention

  The NTA 2012 Winners Gallery

  McKenzie Pennsylvania Now Open

  McKenzie PA Open House Video

  Whitetail Deer Ears Video

  It’s Taxidermy Catalog Season

  The 2012 WASCO Award Winners

  Basic Steps for In-Shop Tanning

  Deer Taxidermy Display Options

  Spotting Internet Scam Artists

  David J. Schwendeman – Part 1

  David J. Schwendeman – Part 2

  Constructing and Painting Rocks

  Brian Harness Gallery of Art

  Ron Pittard, Reclusive Master

  ~ In Memoriam 2012 ~

  Walleye Paint Schedule

  Chris Barnhardt, American Original

  Video: Assembling “The Chase”

  Largemouth Bass Paint Schedule

  Coloman Jonas Taxidermy Essay

  The Jonas Legacy Lives On

  2011 World Show Candid Photos

  2013 World Show Winners List

  Bob Berry Lifetime Achievement

  Wednesday, Supply Pick-Up Day

  Random Acts of Classiness

  Black Crappie Paint Schedule

  NTA 2013 Major Award Winners

  A Taxidermist Looks At Sixty

  Van Ingen: Legacy and Mystery

  Brown Trout Paint Schedule

  It’s That Time of Year Again

  NTA History: The First Five Years

  NTA: The Early Years, Part Two

  Chain Pickerel Paint Schedule

  Time Capsule: 2003 NTA Show

  Mammal Tanning Step-by-Step

  ~ In Memoriam 2013 ~

  Bluegill (Bream) Paint Schedule

  Shipping Charge Misconceptions

  The Donnie C Memorial Plaque

  UTA 2014 Competition Winners

  Priceless Dioramas Under Threat

  NTA 2014 Major Award Winners

  Ed Piaskowski Whitetail Gallery

  Whitetail Deer Field Care Video

  Taxidermy Online: The Early Years

  Golden Trout Paint Schedule

  ~ In Memoriam 2014 ~

  The Carl E. Akeley Memorial Stone

  Whitetail Savings Club Benefits

  African Skin Ottoman Furniture

  2015 World Show Winners List

  Joe Kish Lifetime Achievement

  Al Belanger on American Pickers

  Texas Show 2015 Winners

  NTA 2015 Major Award Winners

  The 2015 NTA Convention

  The Old Lion: Akeley & Roosevelt

  Brian Noody’s 9/11 Experience

  New Bird Bodies from Shane Smith

  McKenzie’s Custom Wood Shop

  The Texas Master’s Challenge

  New Habitat Bases for 2016

  ~ In Memoriam 2015 ~

  New Black Bear Head Design

  Brian Hendricks Red Fox Video

  China Taxidermy Championships

  The Akeley Monument Dedication

  UTA 2016 Competition Winners

  NTA 2016 Major Award Winners

  2016 Texas TTAI Award Winners

  The Taxidermist’s Table 1898

  New Jersey: A Tale of Two JJs

  Carl E. Akeley, Action Hero

  The Arc of Taxidermy History

  Thanksgiving and Cancer

  The 2016 WASCO Award Winners

  ~ In Memoriam 2016 ~

  A Flash of Divine Inspiration

  Time Capsule: The 2002 IGT Show

  Five Years of Blogging

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