2011 World Show Candid Photos

A couple of months ago, I made a short video segment from still photos that Glen Browning had taken during the set-up at the 2011 World Taxidermy and Fish Carving Championships® in St. Charles, Missouri. The subject was the complete assembly of “The Chase” as is was installed. I recorded some original music and edited the photos (Ken Burns style) into a short video segment that shows a dozen volunteers assisting Dennis Harris and crew to put this giant piece together. I got good feedback on that blog post (Video: Assembling “The Chase”), as people seemed to find it as interesting as I did.

This also got me to thinking about the thousands of photos that show photographer Glen Browning made at the 2011 World Taxidermy Championships, most of which had never been published or even seen by anyone other than the Breakthrough Magazine staff. If you were there, you may see yourself in some of these photos.

With the 2013 World Show starting in Springfield, Illinois, next week, I thought it would be a great opportunity to take a look at many of the candid photos that photographer Glen Browning took during the course of the week of May 3, 2011. I recorded some new original music to go along with the hundreds of photos, which help to give a feeling of the experience of attending the World Show. Click on the “Full Screen” button in the lower right of the video player for a bigger display. I hope you enjoy it.

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